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NH’s Incredible Creativity Connection is an outstanding non-profit organization that has provided creative problem solving opportunities to New Hampshire’s students for 29 years.  We are pleased to offer Destination ImagiNation to all NH students in grades k-college. 

Dear Parent,

Do you have a child who thrives on challenging activities?   Does your child enjoy really baffling games and puzzles?  Learning new skills?  Writing or performing?  Building mechanical and technical things?  Working in a group?  Generating lots of ideas? 

Destination ImagiNation can give your child the opportunity to hone these skills while providing rewarding outlet for his/her creativity!  Join DI this year at your school!

So what is Destination ImagiNation? 

Þ    Destination ImagiNation — part of the world’s largest creative problem solving organization – is an extracurricular, school-sponsored program that fosters creativity, team-based problem solving and life skills for students in kindergarten through college.  The goal of Destination ImagiNation is to cultivate the creative problem-solving process and make it a part of a student’s everyday life.

Þ    Teams work together to solve open-ended Challenges, using their imaginations and Creative Problem Solving Tools.  Teams of up to 7 students prepare and participate in both a Team Challenge and Instant Challenge at a regional competition in March.  The solution to the Team Challenge is developed over a 3-6 month period! The team designs and creates, without adult assistance, all props, costumes and other artistic and/or technical elements necessary to bring the presentation to life.

Þ    Instant Challenges are designed to teach students how to think quickly, creatively and strategically.  At tournaments, the team is given an Instant Challenge they have not seen before.  For example, a team may be asked to create a skit about a mouse’s happiest day, make up a story using a given set of items, manipulate materials to build a structure, or develop a non-verbal communication system with their team members in order to complete a given task.  Team members have a few minutes to think and develop their strategy and a brief period of time to respond to the challenge.

Þ    Both the Team Challenges and Instant Challenges provide and promote opportunities to develop lifelong skills that are essential in our ever-changing world.

What is required of a Destination ImagiNation parent?

Þ    This program must have the support of all team parents. While adults cannot help solve the team’s solution or offer ideas, parents are needed to be team managers, tournament officials and tournament volunteers.  Parents must help their student get to all team meetings. Parents are integral in making this program possible.

What does it take to form a team?

Þ    A maximum of seven students per team.

Þ    A parent, teacher, or dedicated supporter over 18 years of age to be a Team Manager.  The Team Manager helps the students stay on schedule and gather materials and also guides them through the problem-solving process.

Þ    Time outside of school – approximately two hours/week, gradually increasing as tournament time approaches.

Is Team Manager training available?

Þ    Yes, absolutely!  Training is ESSENTIAL for new Team Managers and sessions are offered twice each season!  No special skills are required to be a Team Manager other than your willingness to work with a great group of creative kids!  Each year, sadly, we have students who want to participate but can’t because we just don’t have enough Team Managers.  Please give serious consideration to managing a team or sharing the responsibility with someone else.  We can’t run this program without volunteers!

How can I get more information about the DI program? 

Þ     Visit the Destination ImagiNation homepage ( and the state homepage ( ).  Read about the goals of the program, check out the upcoming events for kids in NH, and find the previews of this year’s six Challenges!  Get excited!

Þ     Come to a Milford DI Info Night;  Heron Pond, Wednesday, September 17, 6:30 – 8:30 PM,
or Milford Middle School, Tuesday, September 23, 7:00 – 9:00 PM.

How do I get my child involved?

Þ     Fill out the Milford DI registration form and return it to your child’s school no later than October 15 along with a check for $25 payable to Milford DI.

Thank you for caring about creative problem solving and for taking an active interest in finding out more about this program that teaches these life-skills to our children.

Heather Romeri, Milford DI Coordinator