Business Technologies

The business courses at Milford High School & Applied Technology Center will prepare students for the business world.  Students will:

  • Understand the concepts and methods of business communication and use business technology to develop effective communication skills
  • Understand the importance of professional development, networking, leadership and personal growth to enhance career success
  • Understand planning and management principles to improve workplace efficiency and achieve business objectives
  • Understand the concepts of personal finance to make sound financial decisions
  • Understand economic and financial concepts and analyze business and personal financial data for use in business decisions
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial opportunities and how entrepreneurs influence the economy
  • Understand the functions of management and implementation and integration that affect a business’ ability to plan, control and organize an organization or department
  • Understand business’ responsibility to know, abide by, and enforce laws and regulations that affect business operations and transactions
  • Understand the necessary employability skills to achieve success in today’s workplace

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Business Technologies with Mrs. Owens




Welcome to the  Applied Business Applications Class

Applied Business Applications Outline 2015-2016

Welcome to the Personal Finance and Post-Secondary Planning Class

Personal Finance &  Post-Secondary Planning Outline 2015-2016

Welcome to the Principles of Business & Entrepreneurship Class

Principles of Business & Entrepreneurship Outline 2016