Frank Xydias

Engineering is one of the competency based Career & Technical Programs available to all students at Milford High School & Applied Technology Center. It is a rigorous, innovative program that introduces students to key engineering applications and philosophies in preparation for study at the college/university level. The program emphasizes problem solving, teamwork and real-world application. This program incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education (STEM) philosophies as part of its core curriculum.



The pre-engineering classes offer dual high school and college credit as part of a Running Start opportunity.

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This one semester course provides a sampling of topics covered in our Pre-Engineering program. There are five areas of focus which include mechanical engineering, civil engineering, manufacturing engineering, electrical engineering and architecture. A major strength of the program is its emphasis on hands-on experience, teamwork, and problem solving. To achieve this students follow the engineering design process in a sequential order beginning with basic design all the way to model fabrication.


This one semester course allows students to develop their design skills as the central core of engineering. These skills begin with an emphasis using graphics as the primary means of communication using a myriad of Autodesk software products. This software is specific to engineering professions from mechanical engineering, to architectural, and computer graphics/illustration design. A series of projects are also used to teach the design process with emphasis on problem identification, criteria generation, brainstorming, decision-making, detailed design, economics and project management. Teamwork is emphasized as students are randomly assigned to groups for all of the course projects.


Students will explore the manufacturing process not only as a sequence of material manipulation but also as a product of management. Current managerial philosophies and their effects on every phase of manufacturing will be examined. This information will be synthesized and applied to a manufacturing model, which will give students an opportunity to test their theories on managing a manufacturing facility with limited resources. Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on effective workplace skills including teamwork, integrity, and dependability.

This one semester course provides students with the opportunity to focus on the discovery of new knowledge. This course will outline the design and development process. Projects expand on concepts learned in Engineering Design as students begin with the reiteration of Autodesk’s software Inventor, a parametric modeling program. This course integrates math, science, and technology with practical and applied applications. Course completers will have the requisite knowledge of design basics, and be able to implement solutions for problems in an engineering world.