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Clubs and Activities

2017-2018 Clubs/Activities & Advisors

Co-Curricular Group

At Your Service
Noel, Kelly

Best Buddies
Dietz, Melissa and Noel, Kelly

Book Club
Palmer, Kim

Construction Technology
Carter, Brian

Choral Accompanist
Whitehead, Kimberly

Erdody, Jennifer

Computer Team
Andrew, Tammy

ConText, Literary & Art Journal
Shankle, Jean

Couch Potatoes
Alcox, Dave

Levin, Michael &  Emerson, Cheryl

Destination Imagination
Romeri, Heather

Arrowsmith, Mary

Laird, Corey, Daniels, Kim and Owens, Cheryl

French Club
Snow, Kim

Grade 9 Advisors
Joyce, Paul & Scannell, David

Grade 10 Advisors
Claire, Stephen & Jones, Keith

Grade 11 Advisors
O’Connor, Collette & Solan, Beth

Grade 12 Advisors
Ferrer, Marguerite  & Parent, Richard

Duval, Jennifer

History Club
Vetack, Stephen

Kaley Speaking
Shankle, Jean

Latin Club
Ferrer, Marguerite

Marching Band
Smith, Brad  

Math Team
Crawford, Alana & Noble, Laura

Mock Trial

Model United Nations
Parker, Anna

Musical Director
Smith, Brad

Nat’l Art Honor Society
Travelyn, Jean

Nat’l Honor Society
Rhys, Jennifer, Zaino, Judith & Smith, Diane

Precision Machining
Burgher, Peterl

Science & Technology
Parent, Richard

Linn, Adriana

Vetack, Stephen & Palmer, Kimberly

Theatre Director
Craven, Brad

Theatre Dir. – Asst.
Gallant, Craig

Tree Club
LaBrosse, Peggy

Tri-M Club
Erdody, Jennifer

Weight Room Monitor
Fleury, Darren & Letarte, Jean Guy

West Street Beat
Erdody, Jennifer

We The People
Alcox, Dave

Doran, Diane