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MHS alumni with homepages


  • You may also connect to these alumni via their e-mail link below.
  • Milford School District is not responsible for websites linked from this web server.

Ed Romney, class of ’50 – email

John Rougeau,, class of ’75

Jackie Terkow, class of ’75

Bruce A. Johnson, class of ’76

Beth Warner,, class of ’78 -email

Joe Butler, class of ’81

Dave Diamond, class of ’82

John Hendershot, class of ’83

Chris Thompson, class of ’85 – hosting a new site devoted to historic pictures of Milford

Kerrie Falco Steckbeck, class of ’85 – website

David W. Crawford Jr., class of ’88

Chris Gibbons, class of ’88 – e-mail

Kevin Beauchesne, class of ’88 – e-mail

Michelle Bonner, class of ’88 – e-mail

Paul Wardlow, class of ’93

Eric Dahlen, class of ’96

Chip Marshall, class of ’99

Josh Free, class of ’99

Matt Perry, class of ’99

Jennifer Arredondo, class of ’02 – e-mail

Gail Campbell, class of ’84

Eric  Class of 1992

MHS alumni with email addresses:

Class of 1940s

Eileen Bishop Cipra, class of ’49
Bill Russell, class of ’49

Class of 1950s

John Wyman, class of ’54
Herb Brockner, class of ’55
Bill McBain, class of ’58
Fred Slamin, class of ’58

Class of 1960s

Dennis Cilley, class of ’64
Martha Cilley Elwood, class of ’64
Christiane Kelley, class of ’65
Sharon Cilley Strickland, class of ’66
Howard Hollis, class of ’67
Rae Randall Pelletier, class of ’67
Raymond Cilley, class of ’68
Dusty (Hoefler) Hillard, class of ’69
Jeanne Cilley Zarba, class of ’69

Class of 1970s

Mike Bowen, class of ’71
Debbie (Dickinson) Cox, class of ’71
Mary (Bernier) Andre, class of ’73
Betty (Lapoint) Hagood, class of ’73
Cynthia Ingraham (Walker), class of ’73
Mark Johnson, class of ’74
Judith Porter, class of ’74
Stephen A. Charron, class of ’74
Karla (Wood) Williams, class of ’75
Jackie Terkow, class of ’75
Sharon L. Demmerle (Boucher), class of ’76
Warren Clay, class of ’76
Terri (Hughes) Jermon, class of ’77
Laurie Gunter Mantz, class of ’77
Phil Porter, class of ’78
Beth Warner, class of ’78
Tracy Weitz, class of ’78
Dave DeSilva, class of ’78 (alternate)
Bill DeSilva, class of ’79

Class of 1980s

Lawrence Cincotta, class of ’80
Pam (Simmons) Porter, class of ’80
Laurie (Brassard) Lamp, class of ’81
Carol(Roebuck) Ruggles, class of ’81
John Boyle, class of ’82
Patrick Dion, class of ’82
Karlton Durkee, class of ’82
Norm Lastovica, class of ’82
Christine (Roebuck) Cate, class of ’83
Rick Johnson, class of ’83
Steven Read, class of ’83
Cherie (Breeyear) Gauthier, class of ’84
Andy Rhodes, class of ’84
Darren Cubell, class of ’84
Eric Pauer, class of ’84
Bob Chetty, class of ’85
Barbara (Vander Heyden) Arnold, class of ’85
Chris Jakubens, class of ’85
Bonnie (LaFlamme) Kolar, class of ’85
Laura (Stotz) Malone, class of ’85
Tim Stotz, class of ’85
Chris Ferry, class of ’86
Christine Nordlund,class of ’86
Christopher Hanlon, class of ’87
Steve Lastovica, class of ’87
Greg McDonough, class of ’87
Margi (Smith) Theriault, class of ’87
Carol Chrestensen, class of ’88
Jim Hayward, class of ’88
Matt Kolar, class of ’89
John Kuhn, class of ’89
Tammi Marston, class of ’89
Gail Campbell, class of ’84
Craig Roebuck, class of ’89

Class of 1990s

Alan Ferrency, class of ’90
Varney Holland, class of’90
Dave Phillips
,class of ’90
Michael Rockwell, class of ’90
Andrea (Bowman) Rogers, class of ’90
Kacey (Freel) Boone, class of ’91
Scott McDonough, class of ’91
Todd Prevett, class of ’91
Kurt H. Steinbrecher, class of ’91
Steve Viggiano, class of ’91
Kristen Voskuil , class of ’91 – (alternate)
Kerry (Worgan) Wade, class of ’91
Sarah Clifford, class of ’92
Jennifer Kunkel, class of ’92
Jen Roberts, class of ’92
Aaron Kay (Sales) Parker, class of ’92 (alternate 1) (alternate2)
Laura Vallenari, class of ’92
Toya Boudreaux Hahn, class of ’93 (alternate)
Shawna (Smith) Lupoli, class of ’93
Sheryl Hopkins, class of ’93
Stacey Dietz ,class of ’94
Steve Miller, class of ’94
Shona Salmon, class of ’94
Carolyn Topolski Bellion, class of ‘94 (alternate)
Lisa Amidio, class of ’95
Kathleen Staton, class of ’95
James Topolski, class of ’95
Jason Reed, class of ’95
Scott Wagner, class of ’95
Jody Banks, class of ’95 (alternate)
Sara (Walsh) Theroux, class of ’95
Melissa Ann Bullard, class of ’96
Roger Duval, class of ’96
Ryan Quigley, class of ’96
Jon Higgins, class of ’96
Justin Saraceno, class of ’96
Wesley Kogelman, class of ’97
Jason Saraceno, class of ’97
Chris Duval, class of ’99
Kerstin Swenson, class of ’99

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