Milford High School & Applied Technology Center offers COLLEGE CREDIT in a number of courses through the New Hampshire Community College System and Southern New Hampshire University. The program is a concurrent credit program which means that a student earns BOTH high school credit and college credit; the student receives an Official College Transcript with a grade. Provided that the grade is C or higher, the College Credit may be transferred (at the discretion of the institution) to colleges within the Community College System of New Hampshire, Southern New Hampshire University as well as four-year colleges both in state and out of state.

 Running Start Chart

These credits are typically available ONLY to juniors and seniors taking these courses. However, the local college offering the credit course, may make an exception for sophomores.

This college credit program through the Community College System of New Hampshire is called Running Start.

The college credit program through Southern New Hampshire University is called SNHU in the High School.

Please click the link below for a .pdf version of the above High School/College Course equivalencies along with the # of credits available.

 HS Course – College Course March 2014