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Why another language?

Learning another language is not an easy task; it requires hard work, commitment, and daily practice.  However, learning another language can be rewarding, and could open the door to countless opportunities for personal, professional and intellectual growth. In addition to personal and professional growth, research shows that learning another language increases mental functions and promotes creativity.  Furthermore, studies have shown that bilingual people are smarter and less likely to get dementia in their older years.  Today in the USA you are more likely to know, live nearby, or be related to a person that speaks another language.

Here at Milford High School, we currently offer Spanish, French and Latin programs. Please talk to Students Services about taking another language during your high school years.

About Me:

Origen: Ecuador

Tiempo en USA: Desde 1988

Tiempo en MHS: Desde 2000

Familia: Esposa, Mary. Tengo dos Hijos: Jacob e Israel

Pasatiempos: Fútbol, leer, la playa y montañismo.

Mi teléfono es: 603-673-4201 x 3165

Mi correo electrónico:


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