Kaitlin Medeiros


Cape Cod, MA

” Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”  Dr. Carl Sagan



The biology curriculum gives an overview of life sciences including the following topics: scientific method, characteristics of living things, biochemistry/macromolecules of life,  cellular organization and processes, genetic and genetic technology,  theory of evolution, and principles of ecology. The goals of this curriculum focus on scientific literacy and practices. (Please see Program of Studies for exact course description for each level OR view the specific course expectation document for each individual course provided below).


Marine Biology:

Marine Biology is an elective class offered at MHS. This project-based course offers an introduction to marine biology. This course will focus on the following topics: oceanography and features of ocean water, basic interrelationships among marine organisms [microorganisms, fungi, protists, animals, and plants], local and global environmental issues affecting marine life, and current research efforts towards conservation and preservation.

Contact Information:

Email: kmedeiros1@sau40.com
Phone: 673-4201, ext. 3156
Room: 156


Fall 2015 Schedule:    

A Block:  Honors Biology

B Block: PREP

C Block: Honors Biology

D Block: Marine Biology


Course Expectations:

Honors Biology Course Expectations

Marine Biology Course Expectations

Specific Course Information and Resources