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Course Offerings

2020-2021 Course Offerings
Accounting I, Accounting II, Accounting III
Visual Studies, Studio Drawing, Studio Painting, Photography, Pottery, Advanced Pottery, Advanced Studio Art, AP Studio Art (Honors/AP)
Microbiology: Principles & Practices (Std. A or Honors), Biotechnology/Genetics (Std. A or Honors), Biotechnology II (Std. A or Honors)
Business Software Applications, Business I, Business II, Business III
Computer Science:
Computer Studies, Computer Science Principles (Honors/AP), Programming Fundamentals (Std. A), Java Programming (Honors), Data Structures & Algorithms (Honors/AP)
Construction Technology:
Construction Technology, Advanced Construction Technology, Residential Finish Carpentry
Culinary Arts:
Introduction to Culinary Arts, Culinary Arts I, Culinary Arts II, Remarkable Service
Extended Learning Opportunities:
Internships, Independent Studies, Service Learning, VLACS
English 9 (H/A/B), English 10 (H/A/B), English 11 (H/A/B), AP English Literature & Composition (H/AP), English 12 (H/A/B), AP English Language & Composition (H/AP), College Composition (A), Creative Writing (Std.), Modern Literature (Std.), Mythology
Family & Consumer Science:
Italian Cooking & Culture, Human Growth & Development, Personal Finance
Graphic Arts:
Graphic Design I, Graphic Design II, Graphic Design III, Animation
Marketing I, Marketing II, Marketing III
Foundations of Mathematics I & II (Supt.), Essentials of Algebra & Geometry (B), Algebra I - Full Year (B), Algebra I - Full Year (Std.), Geometry (B), Geometry (Std.), Algebra II (Std.), Quantitative Reasoning (Std.), Practical Trigonometry (Std.), Algebra I (A), Geometry (A/H), SAT Prep. Math, Algebra II (A/H), Probability & Statistics (A), Algebra III w/Trigonometry (A/H), Pre-Calculus (A/H), Calulus (A), AP Calculus (H/AP), AP Statistics (H/AP)
Advanced Vocal Studies, Audio Engineering Band-Concert & Marching, Chorus, Beginning Guitar Level I, Jazz Band, Music Theory, Songwriting, Voice Workshop
Precision Machining Program:
Basic Welding, Precision Machining, Advanced Precision Machining I, Advanced Precision Machining II
Pre-Engineering Program:
Engineering Design (Std.), Advanced Engineering Design (Std.), Intro. to Mechatronics & Robotics, Manufacturing Exploration & Externship, Robotics
Physical Science (Std/A/B/Supt), Biology (H/A/B/Supt), Chemistry (A/B), Chemistry (H), Physics, Conceptual (Std.), Physics (A), Physics (H), Anatomy & Physiology I & II (A), Microbiology: Principles & Practices (A/H), Biotechnology/Genetics I & II (A/H), Environmental Science, The Human Body, Marine Biology, Science Olympiad, AP Biology (H/AP), AP Chemistry (H/AP), AP Physics - Mechanics (H/AP), AP Physics - Electricity & Magnetism (H/AP)
Social Studies:
American History 9 (H/A/B), American History 10 w/US & NH Civics (H/A/B), Modern World Studies (H/A/B), AP European History (H/AP), AP US History (H/AP), Contemporary Asia, Criminal & Tort Law Studies (Std.), Current Global Topics, European History (A), Historiography (A), Holocaust Studies (Std.), Intro. to Issues in Western Philosophy, Introduction to Social Science (Std.), Topics in European History (A), We the People (H), World War II Studies (Std.)
Theatre Arts:
Theatre Arts I, Theatre Arts II, Theatre Production & Management, Advanced Performance & Production
Video Production:
Video Production I, Video Production II, Video Production III
Wellness Education:
Wellness I, Wellness II, Advanced Health, Exercise & Nutrition Sciences, Self in Society
Woodworking Technology:
Woodworking Technology I
World Language:
French I, II & III (A), French IV & V (H), Spanish I, II & III (A), Spanish IV & V (H), Latin I & II (A), Latin III, IV & V (H), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Career & Technical Programs available to MHS Students at other Technical Centers.