Athletics » Spring 2020 Senior Highlights

Spring 2020 Senior Highlights

Please join us in celebrating our Senior Spring Sport athletes!


Sydney KolasinskiPicture of student on track and at tennis court
MHS Sports Resume:
Field Hockey, Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field, Tennis, Unified Basketball
- Field Hockey: 4yr Varsity/ All-State Team 1 and State-Farm Character Award Junior year/ All-State Team 2 Freshman and Senior year
- Indoor T&F: 4yr Varsity/ States Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior year
- Outdoor T&F: States Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior year/ MOC: Freshman / New Englands: Freshman
- Tennis: 3rd fr, 4th soph, 3rd sr on the ladder/ State finals for doubles last spring season
Milford sports has provided me with so many opportunities and allowed me to make many new friends from Milford and surrounding schools. I will be continuing to play sports at the University of New Haven as a recruited Field Hockey player. However, I know I would not have been able to get to where I am now without the help of many different coaches to push and encourage me. I hope more students take advantage of the variety of sports offered at MHS because they can open so many doors for students, and one may never get an opportunity to play sports at a higher level. Live life and be a kid while you can!


Amanda Atkinson
Portrait of Amanda Atkinson

MHS Sports Resume:

NHIAA Starr champ

Rookie Player of the year

Coaches Award

Offensive Player of the Year

All State Honorable Mention

2nd Team All State

NH STEM Scholar

undefeated season back to back 


Reflection: These last four years playing at Milford high school have taught me so many life lessons and have shaped me into the person I am today. This team took me in as family and I am going to miss everybody so much. I would like to thank Coach Rines, Coach Mak, and Coach Derik for making me a better player and helping me succeed. It’s sad the 7 seniors have to say goodbye so soon but I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this team.
Jenna DeAngelis
Girl pitching softball
MHS Sports Resume:
- Field Hockey
~ Four year varsity letter
~ First Team All State (So.) 
- Softball
~ Four year varsity letter
~ 2017 State Champions
~ Rookie of the year (fr.)
~ Quarter Finals (So.)
~ Most Valuable Player (So.)
~ Semi Finals (Jr.)
~ Most Valuable Player (Jr.)
~ First Team All State (Jr.)
~ Pitcher of the Year (Jr.)
~ Back to Back undefeated seasons (So./Jr.)
I am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given over the past four years as an athlete at Milford High School. I have been blessed with some of the best coaching I could ask for, the best teammates I could ask for, as well as some of the best support I could ask for. I got to experience ups and downs that taught me how to overcome adversity. I was once told that sports is a microcosm of life, One day sports end, but we still must face challenges that life throws at us. We can take the lessons that sports have taught us and use them to overcome our daily life challenges. I want to give a special thank you to Coach Rines and Coach Mak for pushing me to become the athlete I am today. I am pleased to say that I will be continuing my softball journey for the next four years at Eastern Connecticut State University.
Shannon Harbison
MHS Sports Resume:
Portrait of Shannon

- 2017 State Champions (Fr)
- Most improved player (So)
- Quarter Finals (So)
- Offensive Player of the Year (Jr)
- Semi Finals (Jr)
- 4yr Varsity
- Back to Back undefeated 
- 4 yr Honor Roll
- NH STEM Scholar
Over the past four years at Milford Softball I learned so many life lessons that I use both on and off the field. The team as a whole always worked as not only a team but as a family. I wouldn't trade these past four years with my fellow 6 seniors for anything. I want to thank both Coach Rines and Coack Mak for making me the person and player I am today. They always pushed us to be the best players we can be and the best versions of ourselves. Coach Mak said to us once "all good things must come to an end for great things to begin." Although I never thought it would end so soon, I'm grateful for the time I've had as a Milford Spartan.
Cora Holtshouser
Portrait of Cora

MHS Sports Resume:

Varsity Field Hockey

-Field Hockey: Senior captain

Varsity Softball 

-Softball: 4 year varsity


It has truly been a pleasure to play for the Milford Spartans during my four years of High School. From being on the fields and hanging out with my teammates, to traveling on the bus for away games, I have had some of my best experiences and memories. I have made a lot of friends and met many interesting people throughout all of the seasons. I'm going to miss game days, practices, our crazy pre-game rituals, and all of my fellow athletes. Thank you Spartans! 
Abby Stillwagon 
Portrait of Abby
MHS Sports Resume:
-1st team All State sophomore year
-2nd team All State junior year
Brennan Parker
Portrait of Brennan
MHS Sports Resume:

Varsity softball

2017 state champions

2018 semi-finals team

2019 quarter-finals team




After reflecting on my time as a Spartan, I’m so thankful for all of the relationships and amazing bonds I have made with my teammates. Having a team lift you up and support you is one of the best feelings in the world, and I’m eternally grateful. The structure and pressure of Milford softball pushed me to not only become a better athlete, but a better student as well. The discipline softball has instilled in me will help me in life forever.  

Kaitlyn Houghton
Portrait of Kaitlyn
MHS Sports Resume:
4 Year Varsity
State Champions 2017
Looking back on the past 4 years as a Milford High School softball player I can truly say I have been coached by the best coaching staff possible. I want to thank Coach Rines, Coach Derik and Coach Mac for teaching me to be a better person on and off the field. I also want to thank my amazing teammates and fellow seniors for making every practice and game fun. The coaches and players have made all the sacrifice worth it. And I am proud to say I have never been on a team with more love for each other. I know these relationships will remain forever and I can not be more thankful.  







Trevor Coyne
Portrait of Trevor
MHS Sports Resume:
Baseball - two year captain and three year starter
Milford High athletics have given me a chance to not only play the sports that I love, but also to create bonds that could potentially last a lifetime. I'm obviously going to miss playing baseball and running track this spring, but I'm going to miss being with my teammates all the same. Lastly I would like to thank all the coaches I have had during my time at MHS for the time and effort they put into me becoming a better athlete and person.
Nate GagnonPortrait of Nate
Sean Hanrahan
Portrait of Sean
MHS Sports Resume:
Baseball, football, basketball fan
Loved playing walk ups for the boys. My favorite moment was when Jonesy told me how to run the bases while on first base.
Final thoughts: loved being apart of the team and free styling.... hanny out
Ethan Golden
Portrait of Ethan
MHS Sports Resume:
Overall, I had a lot of fun playing in the Milford Baseball program. My teammates were always super hard-working and supportive, we truly had a great group of guys. The coaching staff was awesome as well and I can say only positive things about my experience playing for Milford. I wouldn’t change anything about my time playing for you all and its unfortunate that we can’t play out our senior year together. Thank you, teammates, coaches, and parents, for making my three years playing baseball such a good time. 
Joe Shepard
Portrait of Joe
MHS Sports Resume:
Baseball, Football, Basketball, Indoor and Outdoor Track
High school baseball was one of the best times I've ever had in high school. Gonna miss the boys...
Favorite Moment: Hitting a Grand Slam in Plymouth
Jake Tewksbury
Portrait of Jake

MHS Sports Resume:
Baseball and football
Biggest accomplishment was meeting some of my best friends through these sports
Although the season may have been taken away from all of us, the memories that we all made and the amount of sweat and hard work that we put into each practice or game is going to stick with us forever and I will always be thankful for my coaches who never stopped pushing every one of us to make us the great people we are today.



Girls Lacrosse

Mykaela Cederberg
Portrait of Mykaela

MHS Sports Resume:
Field hockey: Captain, four year varsity letter award
Lacrosse: Captain, character award
I am thankful for all the laughs and memories I have made thru all four years. I am honored to be a part of a program that is more than just sports, but rather a family. Thank you to Coach Betsey and my teammates who have helped me grow.
Caroline Boudreau
Portrait of Caroline
MHS Sports Resume:
4 year varsity field hockey player and senior captain.
Varsity lacrosse player and SNHU commit.
I want to thank all my teachers and teammates for always supporting me throughout the years. I also want to thank my parents because they were the ones who taught me how to be a team player, hard worker, and a motivator.
Courtney McAuleyPortrait of Courtney
MHS Sports Resume:
Lacrosse: Captain, played 4 years
I am glad I got to spend 4 years playing lacrosse and making unforgettable memories with my teammates and coaches. Thank you to Coach Betsey, Coach Veteck, and my other teammates for making each season fun. Wish we all had 1 more season with each other!
Sophia RendaPortrait of Sophia
MHS Sports Resume:
Field Hockey: Goalie, All State First Team 2019
Lacrosse: Captain, Character Award 2018
I am going to miss playing sports which were a huge part of my life and have given me so many fun memories. I will especially miss Coach Betsey and all of my underclassman teammates. Keep working hard next season everyone!







Track & Field

Billy Cookpicture of B. Cook pole vaulting
MHS Sports Resume:
Varsity T&F Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years
Multiple first place vaults. PR of 12'
No matter what happened during the day, the vault pit was always somewhere I could just relax. I enjoyed every minute of vaulting, and I hope I taught the vaulters in the grades below me at least one thing that helped them vault higher. seeing them PR was just as exciting as PRing myself.
Lori DeMambro
Portrait of Lori
MHS Sports Resume:
Cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track
Qualified for XC Meet of Champions 2x
Indoor track New England Championships qualifiers for 4x800m
Being able to be part of these teams has truly been amazing. I found people that I am able to call my second family and I am very lucky to have been part of such great teams. Thank you to my teammates and coaches for everything.
Robyn Krafft
Portrait of Robyn
MHS Sports Resume:
Indoor track
Outdoor track
Discus state champ, d2 discus champ, track captain
Milford sports brought me my best friends and some of my best memories. I’ll always remember the cheering crowds, laughing with my teammates, and locker room dance parties. Thanks Milford for all the great sports seasons.
Will NicholsPortrait of Will
MHS Sports Resume:
4 seasons - Soccer
3 years - Indoor and Outdoor track
8 Varsity Letters.








Track & Field Athletes who participate in Multiple Spring Sports:

Sydney Kolasinski, Trevor Coyne, Joe Shepard



Boys Lacrosse

Kyle Forsley
Portrait of Kyle
MHS Sports Resume:
Football, basketball, lacrosse all four years
Football: Freshman football Tom Peters State Farm Insurance Character Award winner 2016. Most Improved 2018. Senior Captain 2019. Tom Peters State Farm Insurance Character Award winner 2019. 2019 Unsung Hero Award. First Team All State Offense 2019
Lacrosse: JV Tom Peters State Farm Insurance Character Award winner 2018. Varsity Tom Peters State Farm Insurance Character Award winner 2019. Junior Varsity Coaches Award Winner 2017. All State Honorable Mention Goalie. 2019
Basketball: Tom Peters State Farm Insurance Character Award winner 2018/19.
I as I look back on my high school career in sports, I can’t stop my self from noticing the best moments of my entire life. The past 4 years of sports have given the most fun and unforgettable memories. It was all thanks to teammates and coaches, and I can’t thank them enough.
Matt HannonMatt playing Lacrosse
MHS Sports Resume:
#20 MHS Lacrosse (4 years Varsity)
3 Time MVP Midfielder (9, 10, 11th grades)
2 time Captain MHS Lacrosse
All-State 3 Years or Honorable Mention
NHIAA Scholar Athlete
Nate Johnson
Portrait of Nate
MHS Sports Resume:
4 years of lacrosse
Varsity letter in lacrosse
I will miss lacrosse and the brotherhood that we had in that team. I will miss playing with all of my friends and having fun going to away games, and I will miss most of all my amazing coach, Coach Urda. His amazing direction and knowledge of the game helped me grow on and off the field and I will miss hearing him say to me "you're fired" one last time.