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Ms. Traci Walsh

Ms. Traci Walsh has a Bachelor's degree in Special Education, a Master's degree in Mathematics and Reading, and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership.  She has previously served as a K-12 teacher, a mentor for new teachers, a Curriculum Coordinator, a Student Support Specialist, and an Instructional Leader.  As an Assistant Principal, Ms. Walsh is responsible for assisting Mrs. Radowicz, alongside Mr. Jones, in providing leadership, direction and oversight for the administrative and instructional functions of the school.  She really looks forward to building positive relationships with the students, families, staff and stakeholders so that we, as a team, can provide quality education that challenges all students to succeed.
Originally from Montana, Ms. Walsh spent her childhood in New Jersey and moved to Florida to continue her education and raise her family. She is the proud mother of two successful adult daughters, Kira and Abigael, as well as a grateful grandmother to Ethan.  When she isn't working, you'll find Ms. Walsh reading, playing and hiking with Tilli and Penni (fur babies), and creating plans to travel.