Teachers' Pages

NOTICE: Some of the Teachers' Pages may currently be under construction and will contain information from the staff. This process may take several months. Thank you for your patience as these pages are added to, tweaked, and utilized.
Alcox, Dave: Social Studies
Allen, Adriana: English
Andrew, Tammy: Computer Science
Angell, Dr. James: Science
Bates, Lindsey: Social Studies
Bouchard, Jessica: Art
Boudrieau, Mark: English
Burgher, Peter: Precision Machining
Carter, Brian: Construction Technology
Clark, Jeff: Social Studies
Cole, Nancy: Math
Crawford, Alana: Math
Daniels, Kim: Marketing
DelGreco, Ashley: Math
Emerson, Cheryl: Culinary Arts
Erdody, Jennifer: Music/Chorus
Ferrer, Marguerite: World Language
Fleury, Darre: Health/Wellness
Gallant, Craig: English/Theatre
Hageman, Patricia: English
Heider, Kathryn: English
Jobin, Dennis: District ESOL
Joyce, Paul: Culinary Arts
Kasparek, John: Math
Klene, Gretchen: Science
LaBrosse, Dr. Peggy: Science/Literacy Coach
Laird, Corey: Accounting/Business
Letarte, Jean-Guy: Health/Wellness
Letendre, Meliss: Health/Wellness
Levin, Michael: Culinary Arts
Linn, Adriana: World Language
Lizzie, Vickie: Special Education/Life Skills
Lyons, Ange: Athletic Trainer
Maloney, Deborah: Science
Medeiros, Kaitlin: Science
Noble, Laura: Math
O'Connor, Collette: Math
Owens, Cheryl: Business Technology
Palmieri, Megan:  Graphic Arts
Paré, Linda: Science
Parker, Anna: Social Studies
Piedra, Angel: World Language
Powers, Beth: English
Rhys, Jennifer: Social Studies
Robinson, Leigh: Art
Rotelli, Maryanne:  Biotechnology
Scannell, David: English
Shankle, Jean: English
Sibley, Katelyne: Science
Smith, Brad: Music/Band
Snow, Kim: World Language/Social Studies
Sodders, Tam: Family & Consumer Science
Solan, Elizabeth: Math
Stephens, Anna: Math
Teger, Jonathan: Video Production
Thibault, Erik: Math
Vetack, Stephen: Social Studies
Xydias, Frank: Pre-Engineering