1st Semester Final Exam Schedule

Milford High School

1st Semester 2019-20

Final Exam Schedule

Wednesday, January 22
For Students with a full C Block Class: Regular School Day
ONLY for Students who have a split block with different classes in C5 and C6:
C5 Exam Given during entire C Block
C6 Does Not Meet (final will be held 1/24 during C Block Exam)
Thursday, January 23
7:30             Warning Bell
7:40             Announcements
7:45-9:15     A Block Exam
9:15-9:25     Break
9:25             Warning Bell
9:30-11:00   B Block Exam
11:00           Dismissal
Friday, January 24
7:30             Warning Bell
7:40             Announcements
7:45-9:15     Full C Block/C6 Exam
9:25             Break
9:30-11:00   D Block Exam
11:00 am     Dismissal