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Course Selection

Course Selection Grades 9 - 11
Students are asked to submit their course registration through PowerSchool.  School Counselors will make appointments to go over course selections once they have been entered into PowerSchool. 
Course requests must be entered into PowerSchool by March 10th.
Applications for CTE programs must be submitted by February 24th (link to application)* 
Video demonstrating course-selection process for grades 9 - 11:
Course Selection involves the following steps:

  • You will find your credits earned in the PowerSchool portal under "Historical Grades" (directions)
2) Review the Program of Studies for course descriptions and the prerequisites for each course (if applicable).
3) Choose the appropriate courses to continue satisfying graduation requirements.
4) Choose elective courses that relate to your current career/college plans.
5) Choose two alternative (back-up) electives that you would also benefit from if you are unable to receive your first-choice electives.  
6) Submit your course-selection form electronically by logging into PowerSchool.  Click on "Class Registration" to select your classes.  Please follow the directions carefully on the Class Registration page.  
  • (see screenshots of this process below)
7) Your school counselor will arrange a meeting to review your course selections and teacher placement recommendations after you have done your best work in PowerSchool.

8) School Counselors will provide students with a form for parents to approve course requests.

We have established this webpage to help 8th grade students and their parents make informed decisions about course-selection for the 2023-24 school year.  Below you will find the following:    
  • Instructional Video for 8th Grade Students & Parents  
  • Description of high school schedule   
  • Brief description of academic levels   
  • Graduation Requirements   
  • Course-selection process   
  • Instructions for selecting classes in PowerSchool   
  • Video tour of the Applied Technology Center


Instructional Video for 8th grade Students & Parents:


High School Schedule

The high school utilizes a "4x4" block schedule.  Students typically have four classes a day, each for 80 minutes.  Each semester-length 80 minute class awards a full credit (1 cr.).   Students can earn up to 8 credits with a full schedule.  TASC is a period of time set aside for additional academic support, remediation, and enrichment opportunities. Semester 1 (S1) begins in late August and ends in late January.  Semester 2 (S2) begins in late January and ends in early June.  All students have an assigned lunch period during C-block as determined by teacher assignment. samp



Academic Levels:

Level designations have been given to most academic courses and to several in the Applied Technical Center.


These advanced programs are demanding and require a significant amount of original, independent study. Students in these programs should have demonstrated outstanding academic and analytical skills while being able to deal with abstract concepts. Teacher recommendation and previous achievement are considered in placement into advanced courses. 


Standard A & B 

These mainstream programs are intended to provide students with a college preparatory curriculum. These courses require analysis, critical thinking, and a commitment to meeting high academic standards. Success in standard courses is expected by colleges or employers and provides the foundation needed for post-secondary educational success. Standard A designation indicates an increased level of academic challenge, while a Standard B emphasizes a developmental approach for students who need to strengthen their academic skills. 



"Standard" is a designation used primarily for elective classes.  These mainstream classes are open to all students and are delivered at a level mid-way between A & B - level classes.  Some "Standard" level electives offer an option to contract up to Honor-level credit.  
Please refer to the GPA quality points table on the "Credit Requirements & GPA Calculations" page of the Program of Studies to understand the different weights associated with each Academic Level.


Graduation Requirements:

Students have four (4) years to complete the following requirements:
Please refer to the "Approved Courses for Graduation Categories" page of the Program of Studies for specific lists of courses that satisfy graduation categories.

Course Selection Process:

We ask that students refer to the Program of Studies to learn about graduation requirements and course offerings for Freshmen, however course descriptions for those courses open to Freshmen are also listed below.

Required Courses: 

Students are automatically placed in academic course levels based on 8th grade teacher recommendation; students do not need to register for required courses.  Teachers take into consideration students' grades, classroom performance and standardized test scores when making level recommendations. These level recommendations will be visible through the PowerSchool portal at a later date (TBD).  Once this information becomes available you will be notified by email.  At that time, should you have questions or concerns about the levels in which a student has been placed, you are encouraged to contact the High School Student Services office (673-4523) to discuss alternatives.

Each student will be required to take each of the following academic courses at the appropriate level:  
  • English 9  
  • Math Course (based on placement recommendation)
  • American History 9   
  • Physical Science (or Biology Honors)  
  • Health/Wellness I 

Elective Courses: 

Students are asked to register for elective classes.  Students should choose a total of three (3) elective credits and two (2) alternate credits.  Each course is valued at one (1) credit unless otherwise indicated.  Course Descriptions can be found in the Program of Studies, as well as at the bottom of this web page.

Registering for classes in PowerSchool (by April 3rd)

(see screen shots of these instructions below)

1. Use this link to log into the PowerSchool Student & Parent Portal.
2. Click on Class Registration (left side of screen)
3. Enter elective requests by clicking on edit button (pencil icon)
  • must select three courses    
  • select box next to chosen courses (notice multiple screens of courses)    
  • click "okay"
4. Enter alternate requests by clicking on edit button (pencil icon)
  • must select at least two courses    
  • select box next to chosen courses (notice multiple screens of courses)    
  • click "okay"

Note: You do not have to enter any requests in the "Additional Requests" section
5. Click Submit button in bottom right hand corner.  You should receive a confirmation page that lists your selected courses.
6. Complete Course-Selection in PowerSchool by April 3rd

Art Classes

Visual Studies 
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
This preliminary course is designed to introduce the student to the visual world and make them more aware of the great potential and importance of visual perception. Students will explore design, composition, and color, while emphasizing the elements of art in a variety of mediums.  The course is oriented to form a sound basic introduction to studio art but also includes areas of art appreciation and criticism.  A grade of C or better in this course or a portfolio approved waiver is recommended for entrance into all other art elective courses.

Applied Technology Center Classes

Business Essentials                    
1 Credit                Grade 9
Come and sample the Business, Accounting, and Marketing programs! This high-level, fast-paced, introductory course develops students’ understanding of business fundamentals with learnings structured around timely, real-world, case studies and examples. Students will gain the foundational skills needed in business, accounting, and marketing to allow them to be successful no matter which courses they choose to dive deeper into throughout their high school career.  Course skills: time management, self-directed, teamwork, communication 
Prerequisite: None
Introduction to Multimedia  
1 Credit              Grade 9
Are you a fan of digital drawing? Ever wonder how you can make amazing social media videos right from your cell phone? Want to learn more about Cell Phone Photography and Videography? An Introduction to Multimedia is the very first stepping stone towards either the Graphic Arts or Video Production CTE programs. This entry level class will introduce you to the concepts of working with digital media, introduce concepts of both Photography and Videography via cell phones or cameras in everyday life (Chromebook), and career exploration within the fields of Graphic Design and Video Production.
Prerequisite: None
Introduction to S.T.E.M.
1 Credit               Grade 9
This class examines some of the basic ideas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.), including: history of computing, computer  applications, computational thinking, computer assisted design, and programming. Students participate in  numerous hands-on projects and related assignments. They practice writing and presentation skills needed in the industry. If you are interested in STEM this is the place to begin.
Prerequisite: none
Intro. to Culinary Arts
1 Credit               Grades 9-10
Introduction of Culinary Arts is a hands-on experience, focusing on the preparation of appetizers, soups, salads, breads, main dishes, sides, and desserts. Students will gain experience and knowledge through teacher demonstrations, research projects and food labs. There is emphasis on kitchen safety, basic knife skills and safe food handling. In addition, students will gain knowledge in basic nutrition, culinary history, food traditions and careers in the hospitality industry.
Woodworking Technology I
1 Credit              Grades 9-12
Students will learn the safe use of hand and stationary power tools for cabinet making, home repair and a wide variety of construction occupations. Students learn to work from a project plan, a bill of materials, and assembly instructions. The accurate use of layout tools is also stressed.

Music Classes

Advanced Vocal Studies
Full Year (1 Credit)                              1691                               
Semester I or II (1/2 Credit)                1692             
Grade 9-12                             
This class is designed for vocal students who have already reached high levels of achievement in both choral and solo singing, and are actively pursuing outside performance opportunities such as musical theatre, All State, a cappella ensembles,  local community and church choirs, and college auditions. Students enrolled in Advanced Vocal Studies are expected to enroll in Mixed Chorus for at least first semester. Prerequisite: As this is an advanced performance class, teacher recommendation is required
Audio Engineering
1 Credit                  Grades 9-12
Students learn the fundamentals of recording, playback, and sound reinforcement equipment operation, microphone selection & placement, sound engineering in live and studio situations, and a history of music technology.  Students use Pro Tools and Apple’s Garage Band to create music, as well as support major MHS events including music department concerts, school assemblies, and graduation.  Students are required to complete projects in and out of class.  Students produce portfolios suitable for collegiate music technology programs.  This course fulfills the Fine Arts requirement for graduation. 
Pre-requisite: none
Band: Concert & Marching
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Band is available to all students who play a band instrument, and to those wishing to begin playing a band instrument.   Students learn to improve their musical ability by rehearsing and performing a wide variety of repertoire.  Topics of study include sound production, performance technique, ensemble playing, phrasing and style.  Ensembles may rehearse in different groups based on experience and ability. Band performs both as a concert band and marching band, and is a year long course. As such, participation in all events is required.  Performances include concerts, festivals, assemblies, competitions, football games, and community functions such as parades.  School instruments are available for borrowing.*  This course fulfills the Fine Arts requirement for graduation.  No pre-requisite required, although a background in music is encouraged.
Requirement:  Attendance at all dress rehearsals and performances is mandatory.
SUMMER BAND CAMP  - In order to prepare for the fall football field show and parades all Band and Color Guard members are required to attend a week long camp to be held at Milford High School during the latter part of August (dates to be announced—visit MHS website for more information). Students with conflicts should contact the director.
NOTE: Fall sports participants are encouraged to also participate in Band and Color Guard
Beginning Guitar
1 Credit               Grades 9-12                
This course is designed for students with no previous guitar experience. Students will receive guidance and direction in solving problems related to playing the guitar at a beginning level and will learn many of the different styles, skills and techniques required to become a successful guitarist. Areas of concentration include: performance technique and posture, instrument maintenance and care, note reading, aural skills, flat-picking, singing songs, rhythmic patterns, finger-picking styles, musical forms, improvisation and performing experiences
Mixed Chorus
1 Credit              Grades 9-12
A variety of vocal styles are studied and performed. Music reading is also emphasized.  The chorus performs at various concerts at the school and in the community throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to enroll for the full year if at all possible.   
Music and Other Cultures                                                                                                                
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Music is considered to be a universal language amongst different cultures and countries. Every country and culture uses music in its daily life in some way. Music is used for celebrations, events, passing of oral traditions, entertainment, and much more. This course is a non-performance based class and will explore the music of different countries and cultures. Its primary focus will be music, but it will also explore and examine other aspects of each country's culture including but not limited to; history, visual art, theater, food, clothing, and so much more.    
Music Theory
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Students learn about the structure of music by studying pitch and rhythmic notation, scale and chord function, transposition, and aural and dictation skills.  An emphasis is placed on chord structure and four-part chorale style composition.  Students complete a variety of assignments that will prepare them for a future in music, including college level courses.  Upon completion of this course, students may choose to take the AP Music Theory test.  This course  fulfills the Fine Arts requirement for graduation.  No pre-requisite required, although a background in music is encouraged.
Piano Lab
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
This course will provide students with introductory experiences on the keyboard in performance skills and interpretation of simple notation. Content includes the development of music fundamentals, appropriate vocabulary, and listening skills. Students will develop the ability to perform keyboard selections by using correct fingering and hand positions. The student will demonstrate an intermediate knowledge of music reading and vocabulary, play root chords, scales, and chord progressions. Students will learn traditional piano notation, and delve into "fake book" chordal notation and improvisation as well. Pieces in pop music and a variety of genres will be learned.
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Creative writing of music and lyrics with an emphasis on today's marketplace.  Students will be motivated to learn about the craft of songwriting and will want to apply what they have learned directly.  This course is open to all students regardless of musical background; however, some knowledge of music and/or creative writing is helpful.  Students will develop multiple approaches to starting and finishing a song, learn about the essential components and forms of a song, explore a variety of genres, compose melodies and harmonies, write and develop effective and creative lyrics, evaluate and respond to a wide variety of music, record and share their work using modern techniques.  Requirement: Attendance at all dress rehearsals and performances is mandatory  
Voice Workshop
1 Credit               Grades 9-12                
Voice Workshop provides an introduction to vocal music with emphasis on the fundamentals of voice production, including tone, resonance, diction, posture, breath control, support, phrasing, and interpretation.  Students learn various singing techniques used by professional vocal coaches, such as speech-level singing, and gain confidence through group and solo singing.  Repertoire covers current and classic pop, jazz, Broadway, classical, and student choice.  Students record and produce a CD and learn digital recording and editing techniques.  Students produce a class music video at the end of the semester.  No audition required.

Family & Consumer Science Classes

Italian Cooking and Culture
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Students learn about culture and cuisine in Italy while gaining vocabulary and conversation skills in Italian language. They will prepare popular dishes native to various regions of Italy and learn which ingredients and flavor profiles are part of Italian cuisine. Students will research and complete classroom-based assignments along with the practical labs to reinforce the application of material covered. Students prepare recipes including bread, pasta, poultry, soups, meats and assorted desserts.

Social Studies

Culture Shock: Anthropology
1 Credit                   Grades 9-12
Students will acquire an understanding of the differences and similarities in human populations.  Topics may include, but are not limited to: Cultural Institutions, Progress and Development, Patterns of Family Relations, and the Cultural Construction and Identity and Social Hierarchy. Students will use primary and secondary sources to produce projects, essays, and presentations.
Topics in European History                                   
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
This course is designed to introduce students to some major events in European history.  Topics can include, but are not limited to the Renaissance and Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the French and Russian Revolutions.  Special attention will be given to examining art, music, literature, as well as the influence of geography on the region.  Students will read selected primary and secondary sources, and demonstrate knowledge through quizzes, tests, papers, projects and/or presentations.  Active participation is an important aspect of this course.

Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts I
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Theatre Arts I is designed for those with a strong interest in the performing arts.  Through creative dramatics, improvisation, monologues, and scene work, students develop and enhance acting skills.  Students are also exposed to all areas of technical theatre through a “hands on” approach.  Opportunities exist to participate in set construction and design, lighting, sound, and properties for major productions.  Theatre Arts I classes are integral to the support of school productions and, in addition to work in promotion and fundraising, all students are expected to devote 10 hours outside of class to major or laboratory productions.

World Language Classes

French I
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
French I introduces students to the Francophone world by developing their ability to understand, speak, read, and write in French. Emphasis is on developing and using vocabulary, grammar and linguistics in the context of daily living. Students make connections between their lives and the lives of French speaking people.
Latin I
1 Credit                   Grades 9-12
Latin I introduces students to the Romans, their language, culture, history, geography and mythology by developing their ability to read, understand, write and communicate in  Latin. Latin vocabulary presentation gives attention to English derivatives and similarities in the words of other languages. Students make connections to their lives and the lives of the ancient Romans.
Prerequisite: C or better in English 8  
Exploring World Cultures                           
1 Credit               Grades 9-11
Exploring World Cultures offers students an exposure to other peoples of the world, their culture, fashion, food, important peoples, and other activities such as dance, music, past times, literature.  Students will develop an understanding of the peoples with whom we share this planet.
Medical Terminology: Exercises in Etymology
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
The Medical Terminology – Exercises in Etymology course introduces students to modern medical terminology based on an understanding of etymology, the study of word origins. Students will learn both Greek and Roman prefixes, roots, and suffixes with examples from culture, mythology, and the medical practices of the ancient Greek and Romans.
Spanish I
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Spanish I introduces students to the world of Spanish speakers by developing their ability to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish. Emphasis is on developing and using vocabulary, grammar and linguistics in the context of daily living. Students make connections between their lives and the Spanish speaking world.
Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in English 8
Spanish II
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Spanish II offers students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the Spanish language and their ability to communicate . Emphasis is on applying vocabulary, grammar and linguistics through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities while expanding their knowledge of the Spanish-speaking cultures around the world.
Prerequisite:  Mastery of core competencies of Spanish I
CTE Tour Video
Use this link to log into the PowerSchool Student & Parent Portal
1. Select "Class Registration" after logging into the Powerschool Portal
2. Select your Require courses
    • click on pencil icon to the right for each course (see below)
    • click "Okay" when done selecting courses (see below)
3. Select your Elective courses
    • click on pencil icon to the right for each course (see below)
    • click "Okay" when done selecting courses (see below)
4. Select your Alternates (at least two)
    • Click on pencil icon to the right for each (see below)
    • click "Okay" when done selecting courses (see below)
5. Click "Submit" after selecting courses (You will receive a confirmation page that lists your selected courses).
Note: You do not need to enter any course requests in the "Additional Requests" section




Screenshot of Powerschool Class Registration Screen:


course req
Example of Course Selection pop-up window:
Confirmation Screen: (this is how you know you have been successful)