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Tutoring & Homework Help

The Milford School District is pleased to announce that we have engaged in a partnership with the New Hampshire Education Department (NHED) and Tutor.com to bring you this free service in support of students and learning!  
Tutor.com is a safe online service connecting students with access to 24-7 high quality tutors across a variety of subject areas.  Due to an agreement between Tutor.com and NHED, we are able to offer this service to students in grades 6-12 free of charge.  To log in, students simply need to go into their Google account, and click on the Apps "waffle" where Tutor.com is available.  Once in the App, students have the ability to schedule tutoring appointments, or receive instant support from one of the thousands of vetted experts that tutor.com has on staff.  
We encourage students to utilize this support, whether they need a quick check of their work to validate their thinking, or for more in depth remediation if they are struggling with a concept or a topic.  Feedback from across the state has been exceptional, and we are confident that this additional support will help students in Milford.  
Please check out the links below for more information about how to use Tutor.com!