Business Technologies

Business is a competency-based Career and Technical Education program offered at Milford High School & Applied Technology Center. Students who take Business I are considered CTE Participants by the NH Department of Education. Those who go on to Business II are considered Concentrators. Students are eligible to earn Credentials and Industry-Validated Certificates by passing a Third-Party examination.

As well as the three CTE Business pathway courses, the department offers a Personal Finance elective that is only available to Milford students.
Instructor, Cheryl Owens:
Portrait of Mrs. Owens
Ms. Owens has been teaching in the business department at MHS since 2015 and previously taught at ConVal High School. She holds a Business Education degree from Notre Dame College. She is an advisor to the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club and strongly encourages her students to join. As students learn more about the roles and responsibilities of various departments within a business, she enjoys watching her students develop their leadership and team working skills as they come together to complete business related activities in the classroom. It is extremely exciting when a student further applies these concepts and competes in one or more of the FBLA workforce-simulated events.
On June 3rd, the Business II students held a Small Business Expo in the student gallery! They showcased their businesses to visiting administration, teachers, and fellow students. 
  • Business I: Are you ready to make some business decisions? In the first level Business course, students will explore the essential of working in a business environment. Students will be introduced to small business owership and learn about products and promotion, ordering and tracking inventory, recording financial information, and leading a team while running a business within the classroom. Developing stronger decision-making skills and working collaboratively within a business environment with classmates will help prepare students for any career. As consumers and producers, students will learn how to make informed decisions and develop a stronger understanding of the role of commerce in our economy.
  • Business II: Thinking about a career in business? This course builds students' skills in the knowledge of business ownership, ethics, social responsibilities, departmental occupations, laws, and the importance of technology and communication in a business. Students will explore the various leadership styles and management functions of a business. Through the development of a business plan, students will learn about production and operations management and have the opportunity to develop a website for their business. As the culminating experience in this class, students will have the opportunity to showcase their business by taking part in an industry trade show.
    Successful completeion of 2-course sequence results in college credit at Keene State College (credits may only be used at KSC.)
    Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of Business I with a grade of C or better.

  • Business III: Want to be more marketable to employers? Master the skills that will give you the professional edge by earning the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification. MOS is a globally recognized, industry-endorsed evidence of skills mastery. Soft skills, workforce readiness skills, and career skills will make you more marketable to employers. Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to manage the school store and strengthen their problem solving and decision making skills. Guest speakers from various industries will expose you to a multitude of career fields in the area of business. This is the capstone course in the Business pathway. Don't miss out on mastering your workplace readiness skills!
    Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of Business II with a grade of C or better
  • Personal Finance: Looking to buy a car? Wondering how you will be able to pay back student loans or maybe how to plan for that well-deserved vacation? Personal finance will help you learn how to improve your money habits so that you can live now and plan for tomorrow. Learning how to develop money-management strategies in the area of income and taxes, budgeting, savings, credit and debt, insurance, investing, consumer protection, and overall how being a smart consumer will take you far in life. Join now. This is one course you can't afford to miss out on.
    Available to grades 10-12
What students are saying...
"In Business this year we learned how to run a business in the classroom. We created a business called Sparty Stickers, a non profit organization that sold stickers promoting school spirit. Students were separated into departments as a real company would. It taught us how to work with other people and develop business skills while completing meeting goals and objectives."
~Colby Clark, Class of 2020
"I walked into Business Principles with little to no background knowledge. Now, I can differentiate between types of businesses, evaluate product pitches, and use the accounting equation to track my own finances. I’ve learned a lot of skills in this class that will help me as a business major in college."
~Robyn Krafft, Class of 2020
"The business courses offered at Milford High School taught me how to be a leader. Even though I want to major in advanced practice nursing, the courses gave me real life and hands on experiences that will be very useful in the long run. I used these skills and now I am Vice President of Future Business Leaders of America, and have placed first at last year's state leadership conference for an accounting test. I plan on continuing to take business courses throughout the rest of high school to learn more life skills that will also benefit me in the medical field."
~ Jordynne Walker, ‘21
"The business courses at Milford High School provided me with information that has been helpful to understand my college courses. The business courses did not only give me background information, they taught me things I am currently studying in my college classes now. I have been successful in my coursework because of this and I have helped peers understand certain topics because of my extensive prior knowledge."
~Eric Mrozek, '19