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Core Values and Beliefs


Milford High School is a community of diverse students, faculty, staff, administrators, parents and local citizens who foster a safe, respectful culture in a supportive environment that promotes equal opportunity for high-quality education.

We believe well-educated citizens are prepared to contribute responsibly in their civic, social and career endeavors. Our school community works collaboratively to provide a rigorous and varied curriculum and to engage all students in authentic experiences, which motivate them to achieve their potential.

Thus prepared, students go forth as well-informed, critical thinkers who keep pace with the advancements of the 21st century and contribute positively in a dynamic and competitive world.

All students will demonstrate the attributes of the following academic, civic, and social expectations for student learning:
I. Academic Expectations:
A. Knowledgeable Person:
1. Acquires, integrates and applies essential knowledge from each content area.
2. Communicates knowledge clearly with consideration to audience, purpose and discipline.
3. Reads and listens with comprehension to complex material across disciplines.
4. Employs technology and uses digital media strategically and effectively as research and communication tools.
B. Complex Thinker:
1. Gathers and shares information and evidence using a variety of techniques and resources.
2. Selects and uses appropriate tools and strategies to evaluate, analyze and critique information and to make decisions and solve problems.
3. Applies analytical and abstract reasoning skills to solve problems appropriately.
4. Utilizes core knowledge in increasingly complex 21st century real - world applications.
C. Self-Directed Learner:
1. Creates positive goals and establishes career pathways.
2. Monitors progress toward goals independently with self-discipline and perseverance.
3. Seeks diverse perspectives from a range of resources before selecting a course of action.
D. Quality Producer:
1. Utilizes, analyzes and cites appropriate sources.
2. Incorporates theory and best practices into all works produced.
3. Creates or constructs products with preci- sion and accuracy that meet or exceed all Established criteria.
4. Monitors and evaluates own work, responds appropriately to feedback and suitably modifies products.
5. Expresses individuality and originality in his or her work.
II. Social Expectations:
A. Demonstrates awareness of choices and consequences through personal reflection.
B. Accepts personal responsibility in individual and collaborative environments.
C. Employs a positive work ethic with integrity.
D. Demonstrates appropriate etiquette in a Variety of social interactions.
E. Communicates respectfully and with discretion.
III. Civic Expectations:
A. Actively contributes to the creation and sustainment of a community of respect and tolerance.
B. Develops sense of civic consciousness by understanding how political processes affect all aspects of life.
C. Actively participates as an informed citizen.
D. Challenges established norms appropriately.