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Course Designations

Course Designations
Level designations have been given to almost all academic courses and to several in Technical Studies.


These advanced programs are demanding and require a significant amount of original, independent study. Students in these programs should have demonstrated outstanding academic and analytical skills while being able to deal with abstract concepts. Teacher recommendation and previous achievement are considered in placement into advanced courses.

Standard A & B

These mainstream programs are intended to pro-vide students with a college preparatory curriculum. These courses require analysis, critical thinking, and a commitment to meeting high aca-demic standards. Success in standard courses is expected by colleges or employers and provides the foundation needed for post-secondary educa-tional success. Standard A designation indicates an increased level of academic challenge, while a Standard B emphasizes a developmental approach for students who need to strengthen their academic skills.


Courses in our supported programming are de-signed to provide learning structures to increase student competencies needed for transition to further education and job training. Skill development is emphasized in a supportive, resource-intensive environment which seeks to meet individual learning styles and encourage academic progress.

Grade point averages are computed by using the final grade of courses with these level designations in their title:
Honors (H)
Standard A (Std. A)
Standard (Std.)
Standard B (Std. B)
Supported (Supt.)
Counseling & Student Services

In addition to individual educational and career planning sessions, the following group workshops are conducted in classrooms by School Counselors and the Career Development Specialist as part of a comprehensive school counseling program.

Grade 9
“Choices” Workshops

The workshops emphasize the importance of educa-tion, an orientation to academic policies at MHS, as well as the breadth of services offered by the Stu-dent Services office. Counselors implement a class-room curriculum relating student interests, abilities and values to career decision making and selecting appropriate high school courses.
Grade 10
Career Research Workshops

Counselors conduct workshops to help students sharpen decision making skills, develop a realistic understanding of the world of work and increase self -understanding. Each student completes a career project using appropriate career development soft-ware. These activities are integrated within the Eng-lish curriculum.
Grade 11
College and Career Assessment Workshops
These workshops cover information gathering, ap-plication procedures, school policies and a variety of other topics related to identifying and pursuing col-lege and/or career-related choices. These workshops constitute the beginning of future individual plan-ning meetings held with students and School Coun-selors.
Grade 12
College and Career Planning Workshops
The Student Services Department meets with indi-vidual students and coordinates workshops to inform students and families of the college application and financial aid processes. Students entering the world of work are encouraged to develop resumes and strengthen interviewing skills. College and Career research tools are made available to students in both traditional and electronic formats.

School counselors, as well as the school Social Worker are prepared to respond to the social & emo-tional needs of students. Teachers and Families are encouraged to refer students to their school counse-lor with any concerns they may have about a stu-dent’s well-being.