Athletics Handbook » Letter and Awards Requirements

Letter and Awards Requirements

Requirements for earning a letter have been established by the athletic department. Athletes will be informed of these requirements prior to the season.
Special athletic awards may be given to those members who compete on teams that win their conference championship, state or sectional titles or go undefeated. The type of award given is to be determined by the Coach, Athletic Director, Principal, Superintendent and the Milford School Board.

The coach shall recommend the members of his squad who have met the requirements for an award. These recommendations are to be based on the established criteria as outlined below and approved by the Director of Athletics. If any situations arise due to extenuating circumstances, a committee composed of the Principal, Director of Athletics and coach involved shall make the final decisions.
  • Attendance - athletes should attend all practices and games unless there is a reasonable excuse, accepted by their coach. Athletes removed from teams due to disciplinary action are ineligible from receiving a letter.
  • Sportsmanship - athletes should realize that they are representing their school and community and should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.
  • Adherence to training rules - athletes must abide by the training rules as set forth by the athletic department.
  • Participation in games/contests - varsity athletes must participate in at least 50% of games or contests to be considered eligible for a varsity letter (An exception to this requirement can be made in cases where an injury keeps an athlete from competing in 50% of the contests). All students who participate on freshman or junior varsity level teams and fulfill the requirements outlined in sections 1, 2, and 3 above will be eligible for the appropriate award.
  • Service - senior athletes who have successfully completed three years of service to a sport and meet all of the criteria except participation may be awarded a varsity letter for their service, dedication and loyalty to the team.
  • A senior must have earned varsity letters in at least two sports during their senior year.
  • Students who have quit teams or been removed from teams due to disciplinary action are ineligible for this award. If extenuating circumstances occurred, the dismissing coach would be requested to provide needed information on the situation.
  • Recipients must have demonstrated outstanding character and loyalty to Milford and its athletic program.
  • Students must have represented the school well at all times while remaining in good academic standing.