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MHS Student-Athlete Handbook Acknowledgement Page

Athlete's Printed Name _____________________________________________________Grade_______
Sports________________________________________ School Year_____________________________
I have read the Student/Athlete Handbook and I understand the rules and policies, which regulate Athletics at Milford High School. I agree to abide by these rules and policies and understand that if I violate them my coach could discipline me. I also understand that my coach may have additional training rules and policies for which I am also responsible.

I understand that the athletic activities offered by Milford High School require dedication, hard work and strenuous athletic exertion. I understand that those who participate in athletics are exposed to the risk of injury including serious permanent injury.
I understand additional information such as NCAA eligibility, health forms, and baseline concussion testing may be posted on the MHS website.
ImPACT TESTING: All students participating in a contact sport must agree to fully participate in the ImPACT Concussion Management Baseline Program. The school’s contracted concussion management specialist has my permission to communicate with the athlete’s doctor.

Athlete's Signature_____________________________________    Date__________________________

Parent's Signature_______________________________________ Date__________________________


I hereby give my consent for the above-named student to compete in Milford High School approved sports, and go with the coach or other representatives of the school on any trips.

It is understood that the High School does not assume any responsibility in case an accident occurs. The undersigned agrees to be responsible for the safe return of all athletic equipment issued by the school to the above-named pupil.

This form once signed and returned, is in effect during each sport season played.
Date: ____________________                                ____________________________________
                                                                                                         (Signature of Parent or Guardian)