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This program of studies has been structured to help students and parents choose courses which fit the students' needs. The information below will aid in the understanding of the program format and the requirements that must be fulfilled by all students.

Students are responsible for satisfying all academic policies and prerequisites. Course pre-requisites must be satisfied before taking a course. Students may submit appeals regarding course pre-requisites with the administrative team.

Graduation Requirements
English   4.0
Math*   4.0
Science   3.0
Social Studies   3.0
ICT **   1.0
Fine Arts   1.0
Wellness I & II   2.0
Career Focus Electives   2.0
Open Electives   6.0
Total 26.0
* Beginning with the class of 2022, students will be required to take a math content course during senior year. Please refer to the list of Senior Math Content courses in the pages that follow.

** One credit in an Applied Technology course that meets advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards; chosen from a list of approved courses.


One credit in a non ICT Applied Technology course along with a .5 credit digital portfolio.
Promotion Requirements

Promotion to the next grade is based upon the number of accumulated credits at the end of the school year. Retained students will be promoted at mid-year if they have obtained the necessary credits. However, promotion to senior status mid-year requires an approved plan for satisfying graduation requirements by the end of the academic year.

Senior status                      18 credits
Junior status                      11 credits
Sophomore status               5 credits

Minimum Yearly Enrollment

FULL-TIME STATUS : Students must maintain full time status to participate in school activities, sports, and honor roll. Also, in some cases, students’ qualifications for government programs, such as Social Security benefits, are dependent on full time status.


Students in Grades 9-10                       7.5 credits
Students in Grade 11                              7.0 credits
Students in Grade 12                              6.0 credits

A student must be enrolled in course work for more than 50% of the school day each semester. This equals a minimum of four (4) hours of instructional time every day.

Schedule Change Policies
Course changes will be made only during specified time periods and only for sound educational reasons. Students should choose their courses for the following year very carefully. During the school year schedule changes are often not possible due to scheduling and staffing limitations. Students are responsible for being aware of the consequences of the academic policies regarding course changes.

The following schedule applies to adding a new class: Students may only be added to new classes during the first five school days of each semester.

The following schedule and resultant grades applies to dropping a course:
  • A course dropped in the first two weeks of the semester is not reflected on a student’s report card or transcript
  • A grade of WI will be assigned if the course is dropped during weeks 3-5 of the semester. Alt-hough a grade of WI does not impact a student’s Grade Point Average or rank, a grade of WI will prevent a student from attaining honor-roll status for the quarter in which the course is dropped.
  • A grade of WF will be assigned if the course is dropped after the fifth week of the semester.