Special Education

The Special Education staff works with parents, classroom teachers, and students to assist students in fulfilling graduation requirements by providing appropriate services. Depending upon a student’s needs, services may include monitoring, academic assistance, in-class support, individual remediation and full or part-time self-contained settings. Other services may be provided based on needs of individual students (speech, occupational therapy, etc.)
Please visit the Project DRIVE and District Office of Special Services websites for more information regarding the off-site programs and staff.

Special Education Teachers:

Ashley Demers
Keith Jones
Amy Koontz
Nicole LaDouceur
Vicki Lizzie

Special Education Associates

David Allen Sandra Blumm Robin Conley
Melanie Doyle Crystal Gagnon Trey Hoffhein
Brenda Hooper Keirra Johnson Kelly Jones
Connie Messer Linda Mossey Victoria Moynahan
Luanne Stivali Shea Tammy Vetack Barbara Woods