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West Street Journal
Welcome to West Street Journal, the Official Student Publication of the Milford High School.  We are a group of students who are striving to report school events as well as feature fun stories and topics for the reading pleasure of the Milford High School student body.  We encourage readers to submit their ideas and opinions.  We reserve the right to edit all pieces for length and content concerns.
West Street Journal welcomes submissions (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drawings, comics, photography, animation, music video) from all MHS students.  All submissions must come to us via our online form or email.  Publication is not instantaneous as we plan and produce issues weeks in advance.  Also all issues are reviewed first before they get released.  Expect a lag time of at least three weeks before you see your piece published.  Thank you for your contribution.
Editorial Staff
Jason Lewicki
Payton Burke
Anagha Pillai
Malaika Ramirez
Isabel Lamb
Staff Writers
Mrs. Kathryn Heider
Calling All Artists and Writers
West Street Journal is the current Official Student Publication of the Milford High School, having its name revived on October 2021. This name originated back in 1985 replacing the old publication named "Oracle" (70's) and "Mash Journal" (early 80's).

From 1997-2007 and pandemic year of 2020, MHS didn't have a school paper.  During the following years, however, the school paper existed in different names such as:
  • "The Spartan" (1987-96)
  • "ConText Journal" (2008)
  • "Literary Journal" (2009-2010, 2016)
  • "ConText" (2011, 2018-2019), and
  • "Telegraph Writers" (2012-2015, 2017).
We hope that West Street Journal will continue to carry on in the years to come.