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Athletics Transportation Release Form

Transportation Release Form (Submit Only When Needed)

Milford High School Athletic Transportation Release to transport a student
TO and FROM an Athletic event

Gender, Level, Sport:____________________________________________________________________________
Date & Location of Event:  ________________________________________________________________________
Riding home with a parent

____ I certify that I, _________________________ am personally transporting my
                                            (Parent’s name, printed)
Son/daughter, _________________________________, home after the athletic event listed
above.                          (Child’s name printed)


Riding home with a teammate’s parent

_____ I, _______________________________ give permission for my son/daughter,
(Parent’s name printed)
__________________________, to ride to and from the athletic event with

                    (Child’s name printed)
(Name of parent for whom you are permitting your child to travel with) 
following the athletic event listed above.

I understand that Milford High School athletic rules require students to ride the buses to and from all athletic
events. Departure from this requirement will release Milford High School and the Milford School District from
all liability for any adverse result that may occur. By completing and signing this form, I agree to release Milford
High School and the Milford School District and its employees and officers from any and all liability with
reference to the above stated transportation.

_____________________________          _______________
Parent Signature                                         Date

Please submit this form to the Athletic Director 24 hours prior to the event