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Wellness I Classroom Expectations

Wellness I

The mission of Milford High School and Applied Technology Center is to provide a quality education that challenges all students to succeed.
A, B, C & D Block Semester 1 & 2

Mr. Fleury ext.3105
Mr. Letarte ext.3604
Mrs. Letendre ext.3000
Gymnasium Room 103 & Health Room 118 
Course Description

Students will participate in a combination Health and Physical Education course.  Students will alternate class daily. At the completion of the course the students will earn a required credit.

Syllabus/outline of topics covered in course:

Physical Education
  • Unit 1: Archery
  • Unit 2: Flag football
  • Unit 3: Fitnessgram
  • Unit 4: Fitness Strength Training
  • Group games misc.
    • Most units will run at the pace of 4-6weeks per semester.
  • Unit 1: Intro
  • Unit 2: Personal Responsibility &
  • Unit 3: Diet & Nutrition
  • Unit 4: Growth & Development
  • Unit 5: Alcohol & Drugs
  • Unit 6: STD’s
  • Community Contributors:
    • Participates positively as an in-formed community member.
    • Recognizes relationships between individual action and its impact on community.
    • Demonstrates respect and sensitivity for diversity within the community.
Essential questions
  • Can students make lifelong healthy choices using the knowledge and skills acquired in this course?
In this course, students will be exposed to individual and team activities. Students will be educated on the basics of interpersonal skills, the effects of genetics and environmental factors.
Common Core Assessments
Physical Education
Assessments will be based on 3 main sections of class.
  • Be prepared for class
    • Students must have the correct change of clothes including appropriate foot wear.
    • Complete the warmup correctly
  •  Participation:
    • Be actively involved in the activity
    • Contributing to play
    • Sportsmanship
    • Fair play
    • Experience different roles during activities (ex. goalie, attacker, and defender).
  • Show acquired learning:
    • Assessments styles.
    • Quizzes
    • Tests
    • Skills

  • Assessments will be based on 3 main sections of class.
  • Quizzes
    •  Quizzes will be given regularly.
  • Tests
    • There will be a test given at the end of each unit.
  •  Projects
    • Projects will be required when appropriate.
      An example of a project would be a nutrition analysis.
  • Students will be provided access to a Life Time Health book as well as Power Point
    presentations and photocopies. They will need to provide their own binder, spiral notebook
    and pens or pencils. Students will need to bring their own change of clothes and appropriate
    footwear for the Physical Education class.


Formula used to calculate final grade (Quarter 45%, Quarter 45%, Final exam
Quarter grades

Physical Education (50%)
o 10% Activities/Skills
o 15% Quiz/tests
o 25% Participation
Health (50%)
o 15% Projects
o 10% Quiz
o 15% Tests
o 10% Participation
Describe major assignment types
Physical Education
  • Daily Participation Grade
    All students begin class with 10 points
    Points are reduced based on the following criteria.
    • Tardy to Class 1-2 points
    • Inappropriate Clothing or failure to change. 1-3 points
    • Inappropriate Footwear 1 point if borrowed
*Will not actively participate if student does not have sneakers.
    • Lack of Effort or does not complete warm-up. 1-3 points
    • Poor or lack of class Participation/Effort 1-5 points
    • Poor Sportsmanship/Attitude 1-2 points

Students missing class can earn up to 10 points back through make up work. Quizzes, worksheets and skill assessments can be retaken upon
consultation with the teacher. Students choosing not to participate, sittingout of class without legitimate reasons, will receive an automatic 0 for that day, no make-up work accepted.
  • Rubric for Assessment of the skills for each unit.
Basic skills
Understanding the Rules and Game Situations
Applying Proper Decision
Making and Complex Skills in Game Situations
5 Completely Completely Completely
4 Most of the Times Most of the Times Most of the Times
3 Partially/Fair Partially/Fair Partially/Fair
2 Somewhat Somewhat Somewhat
1 Poor Poor Poor
0 Does Not Does Not Does Not
  • 15 possible points.
Correction Criteria for Workout Project Sheet
Total 100 points
Neatness/organization 20 pts
Exercises included/day 25 pts
Goal 10 pts
Setup based on goal 45 pts
Exercises selected 10 pts
# Sets selected 10 pts
# Reps. Selected 15 pts
Load used 10 pts
Classroom Rules/Policies/Guidelines
Class Procedures
  • Arrive to class on time
  • Enter and Exit the locker rooms through the gymnasium.
  • Change into appropriate physical education attire. This means shorts, sweat pants
    or wind pants, and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Follow the school dress code rules and
    no hats. Dress appropriately for the weather. Jackets may be necessary. Tied sneakers are Mandatory.
  • Follow the attendance procedure.
  • Respect all school, facility and unit rules both safety and behavioral.
  • Keep the locker room clean and neat.
  • No food, drinks, candy or gum is allowed at any time. These are safety hazards
    and we have many students with various food allergies. Water bottles are allowed
    outdoors and inside with teacher permission..
  • Any assessments or class time missed due to illness, injuries or absences
    must be made up. See “Make Up Options”.
  • Any notes regarding health conditions or medical excuses must be brought
    directly to the nurse. Only excuses written by the nurse’s office will be accepted.
  • Students are responsible to have a pencil available in the locker room at all times.
Discipline Guidelines
  • The first warning is verbal
  • On the second warning, the student will be sent to a specified area where he/she
    must remain quiet until a teachers conference can be held to correct the
    unacceptable behavior and determine consequences to be applied should the
    behavior persist.
  • The third warning will result in a detention. A form may be sent home with the
    student containing the behavior, date and time of the detention. This slip must be
    returned the next school day signed by the parent/guardian. Any detention will
    require the student to give a written account of the behavior and steps for
  • Failure to sit quietly in the specified area or a fourth warning may require the
    removal of a student by the teacher or an administrator to the office. In this case
    the student will receive a detention and/or an office consequence.
  • Serious offenses will be dealt with immediately to step 4. Such offenses may
    include, fighting, bullying or harassment of any kind.
  • Any student who fails to return a detention slip or stay for his/her detention will
    receive double time and a phone call will be made to the home. Any further miss
    will result in notification to the office.
Extra Help

Teachers are available by appointment.