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Mr. Gallant


Mr. Gallant has been at MHS for 25 years. He brings a wealth of experience. Aside from teaching here, he worked as a teaching assistant and in professional theatre at Florida State University before returning to Milford. He has published five novels, has three more to be published over the next six months, with more to be written in 2021! He also runs improvisational workshops for medical students in the summer. He has a Master's degree in Dramaturgy from Florida State University, and a Bachelor's in English and Communications from Norwich University.


Mr. Gallant's passions are reading, writing, and storytelling, and he feels very lucky that all of his classes include these three things, to some degree or another, all year. Having grown up in Milford, attending the Milford Area Senior High School as a student, and spending his entire educational career here, this town, this school, and the students are extremely important to him, and the reason he is still in education.


English 9