Daily Announcements

Due to the transition to remote learning & the additional challenges that families are facing at this time, the local scholarship deadline has been extended until 8am Thursday morning, April 2nd.  Our desire to accommodate students must be balanced with the need to get completed applications to our scholarship sponsors, some of whom will have in excess of 70 applications to review.  
Although many students have completed the process, it appears that some students have begun but did not complete each step.  It is our hope that these additional three days will allow every student to complete the Local Scholarship process.
The staff contact page may be found here: MHS Faculty and Staff
*Please note that this page requires you to email directly from our site. Due to spamming concerns, individual email addresses are not listed. However, emailing through the site WILL reach the staff member. Also, staff email addresses follow this pattern: firstname.lastname@milfordk12.org
PowerSchool may be found here: PowerSchool Student/Parent Log In
PowerSchool WILL have a link with an address to each of your child(ren)'s teachers.
Faculty and staff will still be checking voicemails remotely, as well.
If you have any concerns about how to reach a faculty or staff member, please reach out here.