Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts is a competency-based Career & Technical Education program offered at Milford High School & Applied Technology Center. Students who complete Adobe Photoshop are considered CTE Participants by the NH Department of Education; those who complete Graphic Design II are considered Concentrators. Students are eligible to earn Industry-Validated Certificates or Credentials by passing Third-Party exams administered to program Concentrators.
As well as the CTE pathway courses, the department offers two electives.
picture of Mrs. Palmieri
Instructor, Megan Palmieri:
After high school I applied to Fitchburg State University and got accepted to the Communications Media program specializing in Graphic Design. After receiving my B.S. at Fitchburg State University, I started to free-lance at a few graphic agencies and studios around Leominster Massachusetts, where I grew up. Again I found myself going back to school, first for my teaching certification to teach art then again to teach graphic design. I finished my Master's in Art Education at Fitchburg State University. 

After many years as a freelance graphic designer, I learned of a part-time position for a high school art teacher. After working in the high school I learned of another job opening for a part-time graphic design teacher. For nine years I worked in Leominster schools in MA at three different schools and grade levels over the years. I decided to teach only high school graphics and applied to Milford High School. I have been here ever since the ATC opened its doors and I have loved every minute of teaching here.

Graphic Arts classes are particularly powerful because the subject allows students to communicate learning when they cannot express it through writing. The best part of teaching graphic arts is showing students how to use techniques, materials, and computer programs that I’ve had a lifelong passion for. I believe that if you have a passion for something, ensure that you take it as a career and it gives you some economic benefit too. At Milford High School I get to teach many different classes, such as Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Design, Screen Printing, Animation and Photography.

  • Graphic Design I: This course is designed to give students an understanding of the elements of art, history of photography, basic animation, and how to apply Adobe Photoshop CC to perform many different image-processing techniques. Do you want to erase a pesky kid photo bombing your selfie? The Adobe Photoshop program can transform ordinary pictures into masterpieces. Adobe Photoshop CC is the industry standard for a wide variety of disciplines.
    Running Start college credit is available through Manchester Community College
  • Graphic Design II: This course is designed to give students an understanding of how to apply Adobe InDesign CC and advance Adobe Photoshop CC techniques. Students will also gain foundational knowledge of the principles of design typography and the history of printing. Adobe InDesign CC is one of the most powerful layout programs for professional graphic designers. Students will produce and be assessed on many projects that include original layouts for signs, posters, logos, brochures, and book design.
    Running Start college credit is available through Manchester Community College
    Prerequisite: Graphic Design I
  • Graphic Design III: This capstone pathway course is designed to give students understanding of how to apply advanced techniques in Adobe InDesign CC and continue to advance skills in Adobe Photoshop CC. Coursework will also include various Work Based Learning experiences, resume and cover letter building, internships, job shadowing opportunities, and LinkedIn optimization. Through the job shadows, internships, professional development, and guest speakers, students have the opportunity to interact with industry specific people who can assist in the student's career path. In addition, students gain foundational knowledge of the processes behind commercial offset printing operations and multi-media design. Students will also be introduced to Basic Adobe Illustrator and the screen-printing process.
    Running Start college credit is available through Manchester Community College
    Prerequisites: Successful completion of Graphic Design I (Photoshop) and II
  • Animation: This elective non-pathway course is designed to give students an understanding of how to apply Adobe Animate CC to perform many animation techniques. During this course, students will explore the history and evolution of early animation. Emphasis in the class will be on the processes involved in the creation of animation, stressing teamwork, storyboarding, creating characters, stage design, and sound design. Digital cameras, scanning, Wacom Tablets, and computer editing are critical skills that are the foundation for this class.