Marketing is a competency-based Career & Technical Education program offered at Milford High School & Applied Technology Center. Students who complete Marketing I are considered CTE Participants by the NH Department of Education; those who go on to complete Marketing II are considered Concentrators. Students may earn Third-Party Industry-Validated Certificates and Credentials by passing exams administered to all program Concentrators. 
Instructor, Kim Daniels:
Mrs. Daniels portrait
Ms. Daniels came to Milford in 2015, and brings a very comprehensive repertoire of experience. She loves seeing the students' creativity when they are working on projects. Ms. Daniels truly loves her job. Introducing students to the world of Marketing and inspiring some of them to pursue it as a career is an amazing feeling!
  • Marketing I: In this course students will learn the introductory skills needed to understand the world of Marketing. Students will learn purchasing, sales promotion, economics, distribution, pricing, risk management, the marketing mix, market research, and how to design a marketing plan. Knowledge will be applied through a broad variety of case studies and hands-on projects. Contracts for Honors level credit are available.

  • Marketing II: In the second pathway course, students will further their marketing knowledge and explore more in-depth marketing concepts through practical experiences, marketing research, case studies, and self-directed projects. Topics include finance, entrepreneurship, and career development. Students will be exposed to marketing experiences that will reinforce learned skills and competencies such as business management, leadership, administration, and operations.
    Successful completion of Marketing I and II results in college credits at SNHU (credits may only be used at SNHU.) Contracts for Honors level credit are available.
    Prerequisite: Completion of Marketing I with a grade of C or better
  • Marketing III: In this capstone pathway course, students will further their marketing knowledge and explore concepts specific to particular industries such as retail, broadcast media, sporting events, and entertainment. This class is based on experiential learning while providing authentic learning experiences. Work Based Learning opportunities will be made available to all students in this course. Guest speakers from industry, job shadowing, and company tours will be part of the experience. Paid or unpaid internship opportunities will be available for advanced students who are ready to engage in the industry. Through these job shadows, internships, professional development, and guest speakers, students have the ability to interact with industry specific people who can assist in the student's career path. Each student will also have the opportunity to earn retail industry certification through the National Retail Federation. Students will also be encouraged to join the student business organization, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA.) Core objectives will revolve around career readiness and employability skills in the field of marketing. Contracts for Honors level credit are available. 
    Prerequisite: Completion of Marketing II with a grade of C or better
What students are saying...
“Freshman year I chose to take Marketing I as a way to get my tech credit over with. However, the more that I took the class, the more I enjoyed it and could see myself doing some form of Marketing/Business in the future. This year I am taking Marketing II and I am also involved in FBLA. The programs that the ATC offers give students the opportunity to discover their passions and pursue them. “ -Stella Crosby
"In Marketing I have been able to meet and talk to many influential and knowledgeable people who have worked years in the marketing field. I learned how to sell and promote services and products to the public. I visited many interesting places such as Gillette Stadium and the SNHU arena where I met the directors of the marketing departments of both the Patriots and the Monarchs." -Colby Clark
"My name is Maurice Schmetzer. I was an exchange student from Germany in 2016/2017 and attended Milford High School. Mrs. Daniels's teaching and her Marketing class had a huge impact on my life. Because of Mrs. Daniels, I got the idea to sell shoe lights (you might have seen them on Shark Tank Season 8, Episode 3) as a franchise in Germany. I now independently run operations in Germany for the American company Night Tech Gear and rebranded it Night Tech Gear Germany. Marketing class at Milford High School gave me the ability to understand how to target a market and how to acquire customers. Mrs. Daniels's class also gave me the confidence and the spirit to not just talk about running a company but to actually follow through with it. I am very happy I was able to attend Milford High School and to take Mrs. Daniels's Marketing class." -Maurice Schmetzer
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