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The Visual Studies course is a prerequisite for all of the advanced art courses. Students are encouraged to enroll in this basic introductory course to enable them to take the more advanced courses later in their high school career. Students may receive a waiver of the Visual Studies requirement for entrance into advanced courses based on teacher recommendation and/or the submission of a portfolio of representative work.  
Visual Studies                              1602          
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
This preliminary course is designed to introduce the student to the visual world and make them more aware of the great potential and importance of visual perception. Students will explore design, composition, and color, while emphasizing the elements of art in a variety of mediums.  The course is oriented to form a sound basic introduction to studio art but also includes areas of art appreciation and criticism.  A grade of C or better in this course or a portfolio approved waiver is recommended for entrance into all other art elective courses.
Studio Drawing                           1639    
1 Credit               Grades 10-12
This is an integral course selection for all serious art students. Good drawing skills are basic for any type of art work. This course explores drawing techniques in various media, with emphasis on line, texture, tone, shape, color, and composition. Art appreciation and criticism are also an important part of this course, as well as the study of good composition and design.  Grading includes projects, critiques and written assessments.
Studio Painting                           1629      
1 Credit               Grades 10-12
In this course students will study and apply a variety of painting techniques.  Using watercolors and acrylic paints, they are encouraged to explore and experiment on projects ranging from landscapes to canvas paintings and mural designs.  Students will also study paintings from art history and the contemporary art world. Grading includes projects, critiques, and written assessments.
Prerequisite: grade of C or better in Studio Drawing




Pottery                                                    1619                 
1 Credit               Grades 10-12  
In this studio course students learn basic clay hand-building and glazing techniques in preparation for learning more advanced methods of clay construction.  In the second half of the course students develop these techniques through more complex assignments. Craftsmanship, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving are emphasized in the development of a variety of finished clay projects.  Grading includes preliminary drawings, clay work, critiques and written assessments. 
Prerequisite:  grade of C or better in Visual Studies 
Advanced Pottery                                  1620                                       
1 Credit               Grades 11-12
Advanced Pottery is a studio course that builds on skills and methods learned in Pottery class.  Students in this course further develop their skills in hand-building construction, sculpture, advanced glazing and decorating techniques.  They also learn more about cultures and artists noted for their work in clay. Emphasis is on providing students opportunities to utilize and expand on clay skills learned in Pottery to create more in-depth and personal work.  Grading includes preliminary drawings, clay work, critiques and written assessments. 
Prerequisite:  grade of C or better in Pottery  
Advanced Studio Art                          1637    
1 Credit               Grades 11-12
Advanced Studio Art is an upper-level course designed for the student who wishes to further develop skills and techniques that were introduced in previous drawing and painting courses.  This is a desirable course for any student wishing to develop a portfolio for college.  It is expected for any student intending to enroll in Advanced Placement Art to successfully complete this course.  Students will be continually encouraged to expand their creative ideas as well as their technical potential.  The course will approach drawing and painting utilizing various techniques and materials.
Prerequisite:  Completion Drawing and Painting with grades of C or better   
AP Studio Art (Honors/AP)                   1636
1 Credit               Grades 11-12
The AP Studio Art course is designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art and who wish to apply for college credit upon completion of the course.  AP Studio Art is not based on a written examination; instead, students submit portfolios to the College Board for evaluation at the end of the school year.  AP Studio Art candidates prepare the Quality, Breadth, and Concentration sections of their portfolios through organized AP instruction.  Therefore, it is advisable for a student to take two semesters of Studio Art (Portfolio in the fall semester and AP in the spring semester) in order to complete all the required work.
Prerequisite: Completion of Advanced Studio Art or Teacher Recommendation