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Career & Technical Programs at other Technical Centers

Career & Technical Programs are available to
Milford High Students at other Technical Centers
As a result of a regional agreement, Milford High Students are welcome to participate in Career and Technical Education programs at Alvirne High School as well as both Nashua High Schools (North & South). 
  1. There is an application process to be accepted into these programs. 
  2. Students should be entering into the 11th grade when beginning these programs, as they are a two-year commitment. 
  3. Students must have earned 14 credits by the end of 10th grade as participation in these programs results in a reduced schedule (drive time).
  4. Students must have reliable transportation to attend these programs.  Mileage reimbursement is available. 
Listed below are the most common programs in which MHS students have participated:
  • Application
  • Air Force JROTC          
  • Careers in Education          
  • Forestry & Wildlife Management          
  • Health Science & Technology          
  • Heavy Duty Mechanics          
  • Veterinary Science            
  • Application
  • Automotive Technology                    
  • Careers in Education          
  • Computer Networking          
  • Cosmetology          
  • Electrical Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality & Hotel Management HVACR
Please speak with your school counselor to learn more about the
application process and availability of these programs.