Program of Studies 2023-2024 » Family & Consumer Sciences

Family & Consumer Sciences

Human Growth & Development                  1741    
1 Credit               Grades 10-12
Students survey the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of humans from conception to death. Life’s developmental stages and accompanying milestones will be explored, with particular emphasis on the birth through school age years. The major topics covered include: scientific and research methods, theories of development, genetics, prenatal development and birth, biosocial/cognitive/psychosocial development from birth to late adulthood, and death and bereavement. The class is especially well suited for individuals interested in pursuing careers in the helping, healthcare, and education professions
Italian Cooking and Culture                1740    
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Students learn about culture and cuisine in Italy while gaining vocabulary and conversation skills in Italian language. They will prepare popular dishes native to various regions of Italy and learn which ingredients and flavor profiles are part of Italian cuisine. Students will research and complete classroom-based assignments along with the practical labs to reinforce the application of material covered. Students prepare recipes including bread, pasta, poultry, soups, meats and assorted desserts.
Personal Finance                      1441      
1 Credit               Grades 10-12
Looking to buy a car? Wondering  how you will be able to pay back student loans or maybe how to plan for that well-deserved vacation?  Personal finance will help you learn how to improve your money habits so that you can live now and plan for tomorrow.   Learning how to develop money-management strategies in the areas of income and taxes, budgeting, savings, credit and debt, insurance, investing, consumer protection, and overall how being a smart consumer will take you far in life.  Join now. This is one course you can’t afford to miss out on.