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           The Music program at Milford High School is designed to provide a broad-based, comprehensive musical experience for all students. The program, therefore, is built on the musical skills, conceptual understanding, and notational abilities developed in earlier grades, thereby helping students deepen their awareness of musical expression, form, and style.  The program's purpose is to develop an awareness of music as an art, musical understanding and skills, knowledge of music literature, and an increasing ability to recognize quality music.       Opportunities to participate in instrumental and vocal groups and music electives are offered to stimulate and challenge the student's intellectual and musical abilities, talents, and interests while fostering self-discipline and self-esteem. 
General Requirements for All Performing Groups
  1. Certain requirements of attendance and participation in performances and rehearsals are necessary to receive credit and/or maintain membership in performing groups. Members are expected to perform at all concerts and attend all special rehearsals, music festivals, and musical productions outside of the regular school day.

  2. Reasonable standards of appropriate dress and personal appearance are required for members of performing groups. Members are required to provide appropriate accessories to complement the uniform or concert dress required for performances.

Advanced Vocal Studies       
Full Year (1 Credit)                              1691                                 
Semester I or II (1/2 Credit)          1692             
Grade 9-12                             
This class is designed for vocal students who have already reached high levels of achievement in both choral and solo singing, and are actively pursuing outside performance opportunities such as musical theatre, All State, a cappella ensembles,  local community and church choirs, and college auditions. Students enrolled in Advanced Vocal Studies are expected to enroll in Mixed Chorus for at least first semester. 
Prerequisite: As this is an advanced performance class, teacher recommendation is required
Audio Engineering                                  1673    
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Students learn the fundamentals of recording, playback, and sound reinforcement equipment operation, microphone selection & placement, sound engineering in live and studio situations, and a history of music technology.  Students use Pro Tools and Apple’s Garage Band to create music, as well as support major MHS events including music department concerts, school assemblies, and graduation.  Students are required to complete projects in and out of class.  Students produce portfolios suitable for collegiate music technology programs.  This course fulfills the Fine Arts requirement for graduation.  There are no pre-requisites.
Band:  Concert & Marching                  1679    
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Band is available to all students who play a band instrument, and to those wishing to begin playing a band instrument.   Students learn to improve their musical ability by rehearsing and performing a wide variety of repertoire.  Topics of study include sound production, performance technique, ensemble playing, phrasing and style.  Ensembles may rehearse in different groups based on experience and ability. Band performs both as a concert band and marching band, and is a year long course. As such, participation in all events is required.  Performances include concerts, festivals, assemblies, competitions, football games, and community functions such as parades.  School instruments are available for borrowing.*  This course fulfills the Fine Arts requirement for graduation.  No pre-requisite required, although a background in music is encouraged.
Requirement:  Attendance at all dress rehearsals and performances is mandatory. 
SUMMER BAND CAMP  - In order to prepare for the fall football field show and parades all Band and Color Guard members are required to attend a week long camp to be held at Milford High School during the latter part of August (dates to be announced—visit MHS website for more information). Students with conflicts should contact the director.
NOTE: Fall sports participants are encouraged to also participate in Band and Color Guard
Beginning Guitar Level 1                       1676    
1 Credit               Grades 9-12                
This course is designed for students with no previous guitar experience. Students will receive guidance and direction in solving problems related to playing the guitar at a beginning level and will learn many of the different styles, skills and techniques required to become a successful guitarist. Areas of concentration include: performance technique and posture, instrument maintenance and care, note reading, aural skills, flat-picking, singing songs, rhythmic patterns, finger-picking styles, musical forms, improvisation and performing experiences
Jazz Band                                           1684                                 
1 Credit               Grades 10-12
Jazz Band provides an opportunity for musicians to study and perform music form all styles of the jazz idiom. Students who play saxophone, trumpet trombone, or rhythm section instruments (such as piano, bass, drums, and guitar) are eligible to participate. Students will learn appropriate performance techniques and gain a basic understanding of chord structure and progress as it relates to improvisation. Jazz Band students must also be enrolled in Band unless exempted by the Band Director. This course fulfills the Fine Arts requirement for graduation.
Pre-requisite: Students must also be enrolled in Band unless exempted by the Band Director.
Requirement:  Participation is subject to audition based on ensemble needs. Attendance at all dress rehearsals and performances is mandatory. 
Mixed Chorus                                              
Full Year (1 Credit)                                    1685                                  
Semester I or II (1/2 Credit)                1688  
Grades 9-12
A variety of vocal styles are studied and performed. Music reading is also emphasized.  The chorus performs at various concerts at the school and in the community throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to enroll for the full year if at all possible.  
Music and Other Cultures            1693                                                                                                         
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Music is considered to be a universal language amongst different cultures and countries. Every country and culture uses music in its daily life in some way. Music is used for celebrations, events, passing of oral traditions, entertainment, and much more. This course is a non-performance based class and will explore the music of different countries and cultures. Its primary focus will be music, but it will also explore and examine other aspects of each country's culture including but not limited to; history, visual art, theater, food, clothing, and so much more.   
Music Theory     1674    
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Students learn about the structure of music by studying pitch and rhythmic notation, scale and chord function, transposition, and aural and dictation skills.  An emphasis is placed on chord structure and four-part chorale style composition.  Students complete a variety of assignments that will prepare them for a future in music, including college level courses.  Upon completion of this course, students may choose to take the AP Music Theory test.  This course  fulfills the Fine Arts requirement for graduation.  No pre-requisite required, although a background in music is encouraged.
Piano Lab                                                 1694    
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
This course will provide students with introductory experiences on the keyboard in performance skills and interpretation of simple notation. Content includes the development of music fundamentals, appropriate vocabulary, and listening skills. Students will develop the ability to perform keyboard selections by using correct fingering and hand positions. The student will demonstrate an intermediate knowledge of music reading and vocabulary, play root chords, scales, and chord progressions. Students will learn traditional piano notation, and delve into "fake book" chordal notation and improvisation as well. Pieces in pop music and a variety of genres will be learned. 
Songwriting                                            1675    
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Creative writing of music and lyrics with an emphasis on today's marketplace.  Students will be motivated to learn about the craft of songwriting and will want to apply what they have learned directly.  This course is open to all students regardless of musical background; however, some knowledge of music and/or creative writing is helpful.  Students will develop multiple approaches to starting and finishing a song, learn about the essential components and forms of a song, explore a variety of genres, compose melodies and harmonies, write and develop effective and creative lyrics, evaluate and respond to a wide variety of music, record and share their work using modern techniques.  
Requirement: Attendance at all dress rehearsals and performances is mandatory  
Survey of  Musical Theatre                    1695                         
1 Credit               Grades 10-12
Survey of Musical Theatre is a non-performance class in which students study Musical Theatre as a unique art form. Focuses of the class are musical theatre in our history and culture,  the writers, composers, choreographers, and performers of Musical Theatre, mental health and social issues in musical theatre, and a history of musical theatre. We'll also go in-depth to explore questions such as: How accurate is the history portrayed in Hamilton and Six? Do musicals such as Mean Girls accurately portray the life of an average high-schooler? How has Broadway been ahead of the times in terms of social justice, civil rights, etc.? Could Evan have really pulled off the fake email chain in Dear Evan Hansen? What are the merits- both financial and artistic- of movie adaptations such as Groundhog Day and Mrs. Doubtfire? How could Jenna have gotten help in her situation in Waitress? What made Sponge Bob the Musical a surprise hit? What aspects of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s compositions are found in Hamilton, In the Heights, and Bring It On? There’s a lot to explore!
Voice Workshop                                       1689    
1 Credit               Grades 9-12                
Voice Workshop provides an introduction to vocal music with emphasis on the fundamentals of voice production, including tone, resonance, diction, posture, breath control, support, phrasing, and interpretation.  Students learn various singing techniques used by professional vocal coaches, such as speech-level singing, and gain confidence through group and solo singing.  Repertoire covers current and classic pop, jazz, Broadway, classical, and student choice.  Students record and produce a CD and learn digital recording and editing techniques.  Students produce a class music video at the end of the semester.  No audition required.