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New Hampshire Scholars Initiative

Part of the National State Scholars Initiative Network, the NH Scholars initiative has been adopted in over 70 high schools throughout New Hampshire thus far.  The aim of NH Scholars is to ensure that students will graduate better prepared for college and career by exceeding high school graduation requirements and understanding the growing importance of attaining high level skills.  The program is based on a partnership between a community's local business leaders and its school district.  The business community is invited to participate by providing material support, mentors, academic support and experiential learning opportunities to students enrolled in the program. 
Students may choose to be identified as NH Scholars candidates as early as Freshman year.  Upon successful completion of NH Scholars requirements, students will receive acknowledgement on their official transcripts, during graduation ceremonies and will be invited to attend the annual state-wide “NH Scholars Day” recognition ceremony.  Registration forms are available in the Student Services office.  
Benefits of the New Hampshire Scholars Program
By completing the NH Scholars core courses students are better prepared for college-level work, to test out of remedial classes, and will attain 21st century skills necessary in today’s competitive workforce.  According to New Hampshire Scholars data, 87% of all graduating New Hampshire Scholars seniors have immediately enrolled in postsecondary education. 
New Hampshire colleges and universities are supporting the initiative by: offering free course vouchers, providing application fee waivers, offering merit awards and serving on local school advisory committees for New Hampshire Scholars high schools.  A current list of college incentives may be found by visiting   
Three Options
In addition to the traditional NH Scholars program, students may enroll in STEM or Arts options within the NH Scholars program.  Please note the additional requirements listed below.


NH Scholars Grid


MHS New Hampshire Scholars

Requirements and Exchanges 

NH Scholars Emblem

Approved courses are noted in the Program of Studies by the NH Scholars Seal

English Requirements (4 credits)

English 9                        A-level or Honors
English 10                      A–level or Honors
English 11                      A-level, Honors or AP
English 12                      A-level, Honors or AP


Math Requirements (4 credits)

Algebra I                         or II   (Full-Year Std. acceptable)
Geometry                       A-level or Honors
Algebra II                        or Advanced Math*
Fourth Math Credit         all courses qualify

 *Avanced Math classes include any math class that has Algebra II as a pre-requisite


Science Requirements (3 credits)

Biology                           A-level, Honors or AP
Chemistry                    A-level, Honors or AP
Physics                          A-level, Honors or AP


The following courses may be exchanged for either Chemistry or Physics.

      Only one exchange permitted.

Anatomy & Physiology                               Advanced Engineering Design

Data Structures & Algorithms               AP Biology

Microbiology (A-level or Honors)        AP Chemistry

Biotechnology (A-level or Honors)      AP Physics


Social Studies Requirements (3.5 credits)

American History 9                        A-level or Honors
American History10                      A-level, Honors or AP U.S. History
Modern World Studies                 A-level, Honors or AP European History
Additional 1/2 Credit* Social Studies Elective


    *The following business course may also be used to satisfy the additional 1/2 credit in Social Studies:

      Marketing Ed. II, Business I, Personal Finance.


World Language Requirements (2 credits)

Two credits of the same World language earned at the high school level


Additional Graduation Requirements


Information & Communication Technology (1 credit)  - From list of approved ICT courses

A portfolio option is available for students to complete the ICT requirement


Fine Arts (1credit)               Art, Theatre or Music courses


Wellness (2 credits)           Wellness I & II


Electives (5.5 credits)