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Theatre Arts

theatreThe Theatre Arts Program at Milford High School takes pride in producing works of outstanding quality.  It is the philosophy of the theatre program that students learn by doing.  Students are exposed to all components of theatre production advertising and promotion, design, set construction, costuming, lighting, sound, makeup, and acting with a "hands-on" approach.  The goals of the program are five-fold:
1) to develop a life-long appreciation for theatre as an art form
2) to produce high quality theatre works
3) to foster a sense of ensemble
4) to provide students with technical and artistic theatre skills
5) to nurture, enhance, and develop student talents.
Theatre Arts I                   1660    
1 Credit               Grades 9-12
Theatre Arts I is designed for those with a strong interest in the performing arts.  Through creative dramatics, improvisation, monologues, and scene work, students develop and enhance acting skills.  Students are also exposed to all areas of technical theatre through a “hands on” approach.  Opportunities exist to participate in set construction and design, lighting, sound, and properties for major productions.  Theatre Arts I classes are integral to the support of school productions and, in addition to work in promotion and fundraising, all students are expected to devote 10 hours outside of class to major or laboratory productions.
Theatre Arts II               1663    
1 Credit               Grades 10-12
Students work on all aspects of theatre production. The course also includes a survey of Theatre History from Ancient Greece to Contemporary American Theatre. Students are required to perform or serve as a crew member on a full scale theatrical production, calling for a significant investment in time and effort over the course of several weeks.
Prerequisite:  Teacher recommendation  and successful completion of Theatre Arts I  
Theatre Production and Management                1668     
1 Credit               Grades 10-12
This first semester course offers opportunities to explore individual areas of talent and in-depth experiences in production and stage management. Students will assume direct design,  production, and administrative responsibilities for major and laboratory productions. Theatre management skills are stressed. Students  also engage in individual projects for portfolio development. All students are expected to take a leadership position in play production.
Prerequisite: Completion of Theatre Arts I or II. This course may be repeated for credit.  
Advanced Performance   and Production           1666    
1 Credit               Grades 10-12
Students learn several approaches to the live performance of theatrical material including different acting and preparatory styles.  Over the course of the semester students memorize monologues, soliloquies and scenes, and perform them before a live audience.  Emphasis is placed on quality work and personal growth within a framework of rigorous expectations.  The class will culminate in a Theatre Festival of short works featuring the acting and directing efforts of the students.
Prerequisite:  Teacher recommendation or successful completion of Theatre Arts I